Hey all, I know 21CW has been quiet as of late, and things haven't been the greatest... Rest in peace Warhol. However, has anyone around here heard of BF2 Revive? A group made it to where they revived BF2 with playable servers, along with reviving BF2142. There is a lot of active players, and you can almost always find a server. It is also re-moddable. It all comes as part of a launcher, and you can get it and all the game add-ons etc. for free. Was just curious if anyone would be interested in getting anything together! If we need a TS or something, I have a TS I help run with a small close-knit game group I made since 21CW fizzled out a bit. Note: You will have to make a new BF2 account using the Revive website!

I feel we need to revive 21CW just as they have revived BF2, we can't let the time, energy, and commitment thrown into this group be wasted, let's all get back together and play again for ole times sake!

TS: itb.iteamspeak.org

Revive: https://battlelog.co/

If I am currently not on the TS when you join, look for someone named Blitzranger, S13tch, or EvoCreeper, tell them I sent you and you're from 21CW, they will give you guys anything you need!

Let's do this!