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    Squad Frontlines

    Hello there 21CW !

    I'd like to introduce you guys to this new tournament... with Squad (

    Want to play "like" 21CW ?? join us on

    This tournament is created my XB385 and me.

    Any question let me know.

    Rusty Aka EmmaevaZ (in the past)
    Rusty aka Emma in the... past

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    Re: Squad Frontlines

    yea so i made an account and still never got my email to confirm

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    Re: Squad Frontlines

    Probably spam ? I marked your email as valid (comcast something). Go to the website and choose a side. Then go to Discord and ask for permissions
    Rusty aka Emma in the... past

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    Re: Squad Frontlines

    I just signed up and ended up in the Opposition as [6AB]W|Pvt.Jasper. I'm excited to play Squad again!

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    Re: Squad Frontlines

    Yup seen it Jasper ! it's gonna be just great !

    First battle saturday 18:00 GMT
    Rusty aka Emma in the... past

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    Re: Squad Frontlines

    I just signed up for on OPPOSITION #1 NA. You all should too!

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    Re: Squad Frontlines

    Today I found a mod for squad that makes the game look and run better, for me anyways. I can spot enemies faster with this mod. I made an install guide for this mod. Let me know if it doesn't work, in case I forgot to add something. All credit goes to GonzoPR for the config file and Styybel for helping me install this mod:
    Edit: don't forget to read the Readme file in the reshade-shaders folder and follow its instructions. You CAN use Fullscreen with the Reshade v3.xx version. My bad.

    Squad is on sale right now:
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