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Thread: So BF1 is out?

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    So BF1 is out?

    Right? I think? I've been sucked in to playing 4x strat games recently, but what are everyone's thoughts?

    I think I read somewhere that Squad has a free weekend coming as well, might check that out.

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    Re: So BF1 is out?

    BF1 has been out since October 21. Gameplay is different, but refreshing, from BF3 & BF4. No more assault rifles and longer time to kill. Snipers are very fun and the scout class is strong if you play it correctly (ptfo, K bullets & spot flares). There are 4 different tank classes with 3 variants each, so you can switch it up if you get bored. Balancing needs some tweaking (horses & Model 10-A Hunter are OP imo), but the first major BF1 patch will come out this month, including changes to the balancing. Also a major change to BF1 is that you don't show up on the minimap when firing, which makes for a more immersive experience imo. I have a lot of fun playing BF1. The sound & video quality is really good.
    If you're hesitant about buying the game you can try it out first. I believe Origin Access (5 bucks/month) lets you play BF1 for 10 hours and gives you a 10% discount on all Origin games. After one month, you can of course end your Origin Access subscription.

    Squad is also worth giving a try, especially after the recent performance tweak! I have had a lot of intense, adrenaline-packed moments playing Squad. It can be frustrating however when you squadmates have no clue what they're doing. You need a good leader to really make a difference.

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    Re: So BF1 is out?

    Battlefield 1 will be getting a patch at 08.00 UTC / 12.00 AM PT (PC) on November 15th! Rentable servers will be available by then (so I've heard).

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    Re: So BF1 is out?

    Quote Originally Posted by [21CW]R|Sgt.Jaspeer View Post
    Battlefield 1 will be getting a patch at 08.00 UTC / 12.00 AM PT (PC) on November 15th! Rentable servers will be lean belly breakthrough available here by then (so I've heard).
    I think a new BF game is coming soon.
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    Re: So BF1 is out?

    Rumor mill has it that EA is planning on a BF2 remake with the Frostbite engine. Could be a revival for the longstanding BF fans, but only time will tell if said rumor comes about.

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    Re: So BF1 is out?

    Interesting Battle. BF1 wasn't working for me as far as interest.

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