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    Cool Arma 3

    So as some of you know I have in the past advocated for the use of something moddable for 21CW to bring it back to its BF2 like days. While we will never be able to recreate that time again, I think that with some effort we could build something that makes 21CW stand out again. In my opinion, and this is not the 21CW opinion, trying to force a game without modality into a tournament style of play like 21CW has in the past has been somewhat like pounding your head through concrete.

    People start out fresh with each new battlefield and then fairly quickly they fade because in the end we are playing the same game everyone else is around the world, but with imposed limitations that constrain a unchangeable game even further. I have had great times with everyone here at some point or another, but the amount of effort that goes into building a tournament around a game that is not inherently flexible enough for it to accommodate for real organized play has I feel taken its toll on the many great people who used to step up and lead.

    The style of play where you have to use your brain and your twitch reflexes is a thing of the past in the BF series to a great degree. I also feel that most FPS today are catering more and more to a mass audience and are hence dumbed down to the common majority. I myself like to be challenged, and i like the style of play where you have to think about actions and how they will play out. I also would like to play in a game where you are trying to be a cohesive unit with your friends and the role you play matters instead of sprinting around being McStabby with a knife or grenade spamming the doorways.

    So I in the past tried to push for a arma based solution. Arma can be what you want it to be and with a little effort a lot of fun can be had. I have spent some time working towards a base mission template to build around a campaign. Its not flashy and its not exceptional awesome. At this point I think it can be fun with some friends in the game. I am only one person with my own ideas as to what I would like to do in a military fps.

    Everyone is welcome to hang around and when we are testing, jump in game, test out the features that are current built in and have some fun with your friends. This is a no stress, drama free environment at the moment and I hope we can keep it that way. I do not have a set testing schedule but I try to update the live op server channel on my TS when I have an idea of when I would like to have some people around. I think there is some ways to go before its ready for any sort of campaign type of play, but it's fun and the few of us that are around have some laughs. Someday down the road if it has some kind of following and everything is working, we could bring it to 21CW and see if it could be an official tourney, for now its just for fun.

    Stop by if you like, and Id love to see any arma players out there. But please remember this is not exile or some sandbox box deal this is going to be unit based, objective, gameplay with some light military structure and choice about how you want to tackle said objectives. Hopefully in the future we can move to full PVP type gameplay for now you're facing AI and sometimes me lol.. It can be fun and challenging and I like to see how folks are able to overcome. Sorry for the long post but I figured I would just get everything out at once lol.


    *The views expressed here are not the official views of 21CW, its staff, or its players. These ideas are by no means reflective of the tournament or the proud tradition and history of the 21CW brand. Please take up any resultant drama with someone else. Have a spectacular day!

    **Edited because I am not very smart and English is hard Mkay.
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    Re: Arma 3

    So do we need download a mod ? Also server info ?
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    Re: Arma 3

    Quote Originally Posted by [ASF]D|Pvt.routaHHH View Post
    So do we need download a mod ? Also server info ?
    The Server is under 21CW test the mod list is in the server op channel, currently the stable template I am zeusing on has:
    shacktac user interface
    RHS - russian forces
    RHS - American forces
    RHS - Independant forces
    Ares (for people that want to zues, it just adds alot of nice zues features)

    and finally TFAR

    all of the mods are on steam except RHS but there is a version commming to steam soonish and I would install TFAR outside of steam since you have to put the plugin on TS, instructions for tfar are on the tfar webpage

    Eventually i may add some weapon and gear packs and the cup core and maps but for now we are just using marksman, helicopter and apex and the tanoa map with the mod list above. I have been running some live stuff and some people are helping me run through all the systems to make sure they are working without issues and are properly configured. I have been seeing what Luetin and some others have been doing and I believe somewhere along this path is going to be a good start.

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    Re: Arma 3

    Something, something, random.
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    Re: Arma 3

    You make some good valid points DigitalWolves, I've been part of 21CW for a little while now but been gaming with arma since Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis, Co founded AGW arma 2 tournament with over 200 members,we had a good Dev team who developed the AAS missions with 90+ gamers every weekend back in the day, it sadly went quiet when Battlefied 3 came out and some peeps couldn't take to A3 so the tournament died a slow death, lol..
    I don't think there's an active arma tournament at the moment, "strike while the irons hot" as they say . The new Tanoa Apex map would make a good jungle warfare, the map has everything you need for tournament play, the jungle is so dense and makes for good close combat, I've had many fun hours with KOTH on the CA #2 server and many others, I've tried and played most of the Dayz mods on A2/3 but they soon get boring, miss the good old days of 6 and 12 hour battles with team work at it's best, having fun even when someone is screaming down your headset...let me know when you're testing

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    Re: Arma 3

    Id love to have the people to start a 21CW tourney, i think the changes that have come in the DLCs have vastly improved this game and now that the mod community is switched mostly from A2 to A3 I think there are tons of options to keep things fresh and exciting. For now I am just trying to build some good fun templates to get a community together with the goal of someday building to a PvP tourney. I would also agree the new tanoa map is indeed awesome, the jungle really shortens engagement distances and makes things interesting. Id be happy to have you all along for the ride, I still need plenty of practice making things dynamic.

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    Re: Arma 3

    I'm not the guy to go to for scripts but the group of hardcore arma guy's i game with do mess around with scripts and codes, I know a few guys here have mentioned "Squad" as a tournament game, I know it's still in beta but it seem so far away from being a complete game, where's as arma is all about modding to find the right game style to fit your needs whether it's land, air or sea, endless amount of weapons to choose from plus there's so many maps to that have been ported from A2 to create the right scenario

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    Re: Arma 3

    Totally agree Tacho, I have been putting in some time to work on this with the couple of folks we have now.

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    Re: Arma 3

    we got something going on weekly for ArmA 3. Still small but growing.

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    Re: Arma 3

    Quote Originally Posted by [IMAB]KHOR|Pvt.Mickd View Post
    we got something going on weekly for ArmA 3. Still small but growing.
    There's a name I haven't seen in a long's it going Mickd


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