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    New BF not announced.

    troll ftw.

    much troll. such doge

    Just making sure since I don't know who all is who by name. Is that everybody playing at DSG? Its like 27v27 every week. Pretty fun, but still looking for that illustrious 32v32. If you don't know me already, I'm H4RP-LoB. real names are hard to tell when you dont have names like me D:

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    Re: New BF not announced.


    Battlefield Tournament History
    BF2 C17: [3ID]EZ|Sgt - BF2 C18: [24ME]C|GySgt - FFOW C19: [101]C|Pvt - FFOW C20: [101]C|Pvt - BF2 C21: [2-325]C|1Lt - BF2 C22: [1CD]K|2Lt - BF2 C23: [3MD]A|2Lt - BF2 C24: [1CD]D|Pvt - BF2 C25: [7ID]A|1Lt - BF2 C39: [1CMD]D|2LT - BF3 C40: [GAFE]X|CPT - BF3 C41: [SOAF]K|CPT - BF3 C42: [18AD]MAJ - BF3 C43: [USA]GEN - BF4 C44: [TA]/[7CAD]S|SGM - BF4 C45: [USMC]K|Capt - BF4 C46: [1MD]Col/[PLAN]S|Pvt - BF4 C47: [16AA]P|Pvt - BF4 C48: [25PD]K|Col - BF4 C50: [GC]Capt

    Extended 21CW Campaign History:

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    Re: New BF not announced.


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    Re: New BF not announced.

    Nothing to see here, move along now.

    In other news Harps brain slug infestation finally shows.

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    Re: New BF not announced.

    He's drunk!
    Fear the Reaper!


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