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    21CW - GC Campaign 50 comes to a close

    As you can see by the title of this thread, Campaign 50 is in the history books. The HCO's have decided with agreement from both Admin teams to call it over. We thank you for your participation and we hope you had a good time. Keep your eyes peeled for information regarding "fun day's" with GC over the weeks to come. As of right now 21CW will be in a holiday stand down period and won't resume any official battles until after the holiday's. For those of you interested in becoming a General for the next campaign please submit a formal request to the Admin Staff for them to review.

    On a side note. We have canceled the Main Battle Server due to lack of funds, I assume from lack of interest in the tournament and in BF4. However we will keep the Forums and TeamSpeak going during this down time. If you are feeling generous and wish to donate to the tournament to keep our lights on, please feel free to do so. We thank you in advance.

    I am stepping down as Internal Coordinator. I wish to go back to retired life and pop in on occasion to catch up with everyone. McBain will be filling the roll of IC effective immediately. I'd like to thank Duke and the 21CW Administration for the past two campaigns and all their hard work, we couldn't have done it without you. I'd also like to thank the HCO and Officer Corps for their time and dedication over the past two campaigns. Finally a special thanks to Viper and the Admins over at Global Conflict for all the frustrating, nail biting, grueling, and fun battles over the past 9 weeks. Cheers!

    Lastly, as we enter the holiday season, I want to wish you all a safe and cheerful holiday season. Thank you!
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    Re: 21CW - GC Campaign 50 comes to a close

    I had a lot of Fun. Congrats to GC on the victory and thanks to all the admins, staff and HCOs on both sides for making this happen.
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    Smile Re: 21CW - GC Campaign 50 comes to a close

    Congratulations and well done to GC and a big thanks to everyone who made it possible. It was great fun to battle with GC and I look forward to some more skirmishes.

    Thanks to Snipe and the Admins for their time and energy in keeping this place up and running for the benefit of all of us.

    Happy holidays to you all.

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    Re: 21CW - GC Campaign 50 comes to a close

    I am so sorry I could not be there for a good chunk of the campaign, between my new job, my 2nd job, school/college, my personal life and other things I just didn't have time to play. I do however would like to congrat GC at a hard earned victory, and I would also like to give a shout out to all those who fought hard for 21CW! Good work everyone! I eventually hope to clear my Saturday schedule and hope to get back in on the action, but anyone can find me on TS as I will be trying to go back to the normal pubbing on BF4 and various other games, see you all on the field of battle!

    Happy Holidays,

    (I would also like to give a big thanks to all the admins who make this group possible, 21CW has been a very important role in my life. I have not shared this with many, but I found 21CW right as my Uncle had died, he had been like a second father to me and inspired me greatly to do good in video games, he even sponsored me when I went to do tournaments for BF and SC where I had won some awesome cash prizes (some half a month after to be exact, and I had not played a single video game for over half a year as my Uncle slowly degraded) and I had lost something inside me, I had even contemplated suicide. Fortunately I found Obi on BF4 and he saw something in me. Here I was able to find a home filled with people who care and strive to do great things. To extend my gratitude to you I am willing to do whatever kind of work required to keep this community alive, just say the word! I currently am a little low on funds, due to college and other things, but I have already started a donations fund within my budget I hope to get online soon. Thank you, all of you.)


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