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    BF4 - Random friend requests

    Last week or early this week I got a random friends request from someone I didn't know or recognize. I asked people in TS if any of them knew the person and nobody did. Next stop was bf4db to see if I recognized any of their previous names (it lists your old names if you are one of those people that changes your name), no luck. I wound up declining the invite as I had no idea who they were and already have a full friends list.

    Today I was looking at the battlelog forum and someone posted about getting a random friend request recently, so I shared my experience. Sure enough, as I'm reading some additional posts in the thread, I get an invite from someone named hah Speak of the devil, I just got an invite from someone named abc1947000277.

    Turns out it was the same random person that sent an invite to the person that started the thread, and someone else posted that they just declined an invite from the same name.

    I'm no 1337 h4x0r or anything, but short of clicking on a link they send you, I don't know how they could get any access to your account through being friends. Just figured I'd give you all a heads up since I remember there was some similar instance before where people on your friends list would send you messages through Origin but it wasn't actually the person you were friends with.

    Thread (if bored/interested):

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    Re: BF4 - Random friend requests

    lol i never accept friendship request from randoms hence the decline button
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    Re: BF4 - Random friend requests

    thanks for the heads up though
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