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    Re: GC vs 21CW scrim Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by [4ID]KST|Pvt.Tygergirl View Post
    that's exactly what I mean. :-)
    We need to stop agreeing with Juno. This isn't healthy behavior.

    Seriously though, there is no "need" to become one entity. 21 and GC can both retain their name and property. We just have to work out the rules for playing together (when we both feel the need to).

    The most important things:

    1) FUN!
    2) Organized

    At a distant third is:

    3) Balanced

    Let's make sure the first two are good, then focus on the third. I think something as simple as adding a symbol to your TS name to indicate your willingness to switch sides when needed, will work great.
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    Re: GC vs 21CW scrim Discussion

    Yeah balance is fun for a lot so for a large portion of the community 1 and 3 are the same thing.


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