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Thread: Rule update

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    Rule update

    After careful consideration and gathering the opinions of the HCO’s, Company officer’s, admin’s and the community at large we will be banning the use of shotguns for the reason that the they affect gameplay in a negative way and are out of line (in our opinion) with the rest of the weapons in bf4. This topic will be up for discussion if there is a change to bf4 bringing the shotguns back in line with rest of the bf4 arsenal.


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    Re: Rule update

    May I also assume this ban includes the following?

    - Shorty 12G
    - M320 Dart
    - M26 Mass/Dart/Slug/Frag
    - XM25 Dart

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    Re: Rule update

    To STOP any confusion

    870 MCS
    Hawk 12
    UTS 15

    M26 Mass/Dart/Slug/Frag
    XM25 Dart
    M320 Dart

    All Banned.

    Shorty 12G Is a secondary weapon. And is allowed (As far as we can tell it cannot 1 shot kill from 200m)
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    Re: Rule update

    I was going to make this real long angry post, but instead I will just say I disagree with and am greatly disappointed with the decision.

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    Re: Rule update

    It's unfortunate that it came to this - But as a long time saiga user and lover - I will say that ya, they are totally broken. Assault rifles stand zero chance against shotguns, and those who were massively spamming them during the scrims have no one but themselves to blame.

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    Re: Rule update

    i could bare them if it was just close range i mean after all that's what shotguns are for, but getting killed medium and even long range due to the amount of supression (and this could be tolerable although still weirdish...) and damage they do (and this is what's broken) and even the automatic ones? nope that just doesn't make sense lol
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    Re: Rule update

    Sounds good to me.

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    Re: Rule update

    What about banning flashbangs? It's obvious that they are broken too.

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    Re: Rule update

    Bring it up in the ic meeting and we can talk about it

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    Re: Rule update

    Oh well. So much for a weapon I can kill with. Back to the DMR I guess...

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