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    Podcats Returns!

    Hey guys enjoy for those of you that haven't seen a Podcats its just a little video with some info and a chance to meet some new people. Sorry for lower quality and old video. New editing software so Im a little rusty. Also KPD is NOT full so if you like fengard's voice feel free to sign up.

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    Re: Podcats Returns!

    like given! Great podcast

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    Re: Podcats Returns!

    yay cats is back!!
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    Re: Podcats Returns!

    Who is this fenfart?

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    Re: Podcats Returns!

    shut your mouth yummy

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    Re: Podcats Returns!

    I like it! Maybe next time with some video clips from the stream of this campaign or someone playing in this campaign?

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    Re: Podcats Returns!

    yeah jasper its way old video however I will have new video each from here on out

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    Re: Podcats Returns!

    I can record for you if u want footage cats


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