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    Hello everyone,

    For those of you who don't know me, I'm Dogma. I'm one of our owners here at 21CW. I am currently retired from active service other than running 21CW's accounts.

    In the last 18 months donations have plummeted here at 21CW. If you look up at the bar, 100% of the funds currently listed came from Admins, Webke, or Snipe. Before this, I was covering any shortfalls. This cannot continue. February-May of every year we have some pretty significant expenses outside our month to month expenses. From TS license fees to hosting and domain registration stuff. This is why for the longest time the bar was set in the $200s, so we'd have cash in place to cover those expenses. We didn't this year, hence the drops in service in the last few months. Some valiant members of the community stepped up and provided some emergency funds to cover these costs. We the owners are repaying them, not because they asked but because we feel it is right. We should be there to cover the emergency shortfalls.

    The point of this post isn't to complain or lament things. It is to inform you of the state of things. It currently costs in the neighborhood of $2880+ a year to cover the expenses for 21CW as it currently stands. That includes the site, domains, TS license, TS server, a public/battle server, and practice servers. We have toyed with the notion of dropping the practice servers to cut costs, but it's not something we necessarily want to do. We'd like to provide everything as needed for you guys when you walk through the door.

    We have monthly donors who are covering 60-75% of our costs. This, along with ownership cash, is what keeps the lights on. We need other folks to step up as well. Every dime helps, even a donation as small as 7.50USD.

    I post this because frankly I will not be in a position to help cover the shortfall for the next 6 months+ like I have for the previous year. It's going to be a rough patch for me and I don't want 21CW to have to curtail any of it's currently offered services because of this. So please, pay to pick, donate, do whatever you can to help out around here. Every little bit counts and helps you and your friends around here out.
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    Re: Donations

    ^ What he said. If you love this place, please do your part. We offer our services free, but not completely free. We don't force anyone to pay to play, but if nobody donates, we won't have a place we love to play at all.
    I do my part, and i kindly ask you guys to do yours.
    Putting in a monthly donation of a mere $7,50 helps this place a lot, and grants you a free pick each campaign!

    Monthly subscriptions can be found here:


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