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    Open scrim Saturday

    We will be holding an open scrim this Saturday noon EST. All visitors and guests are welcome. Regristration to a company Is not required to play. It will be a normal battle day setup. Friends can play in squads/companies together as long as sides are near even.

    Look forward to seeing you all there.


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    Re: Open scrim Saturday

    May I request a countdown clock for this event? I feel that would benefit attendance.

    Thank you, sir.

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    Re: Open scrim Saturday

    What my friend Cypher said
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    Re: Open scrim Saturday

    it shall be done
    "Tappy tap tap"

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    Re: Open scrim Saturday

    and mass email wouldn't hurt either (and also include on that that sign ups have began) not many have signed in to coys really ...
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    Re: Open scrim Saturday

    ohh this I may join

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    Re: Open scrim Saturday

    Maps and modes (most likly conquest) will be admin discretion.


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