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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    RIP AB
    Campaign History:

    BF2 Camp 17: [39MG]J|2LT.KaiserZr, BF2 Camp 18: [15AA]J|1LT.KaiserZr, BF3 Camp 36: [42MKR]LTCOL.KaiserZr, BF3 Camp 37: [28JEF]GEN.KaiserZr, BF3 Camp 38: [TA]KaiserZero, BF3 Camp 39: [TA]KaiserZero, BF3 Camp 40: [TA]KaiserZero, BF3 Camp 41: [RDG]C|CPL.KaiserZr, Camp 43: [USA]SMA.KaiserZr, Camp 44 Beta: [5MR]Col.KaiserZr, Camp 45: [USMC]Gen.KaiserZr

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    AB was, as many have said a great guy. For what ever reason I was always fighting against him and not with him. Only 1 Camp where we on the same side. He was Capt of another company. I was a LT Squad leading my company. The things he said over channel commander reminded me of my days in the army. He defiantly put the lead in squad leading.

    Campaign #42 (9AU)C|SGM.Scott_FPS
    Campaign #43 (3AAG)7|CPT.Scott_FPS
    Campaign #44 (7CAD)MAJ.Scott_FPS
    Campaign #45 (USMC)W|1LT.Scott_FPS
    Campaign #46 (1MD)W|CPT.Scott_FPS
    Campaign #47 (1CAV)W|1LT.Scott_FPS
    Campaign #48 (4ID)KPD|Sgt.Scott_FPS
    Campaign #49 (IMAB)K|1LT.Scott_FPS
    Campaign #50 (21CW)W|CPT.Scott_FPS

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    My first practice in Campaign 5, the year was 2003 the game was Battlefield 1942 - Desert Combat Mod -

    I entered the practice session, not knowing nobody - everyone in-game was huddled around a flag and some discussion was going on . There was a tank parked close by. I entered the Tank (being the Noob asshat I was at the time) at which point AB bellows at me , cussing and swearing loudly at me for getting in the tank. Thoroughly embarrassed and taken back by the tongue lashing, I stayed silent wondering what the heck kind of org did I just join? What an intro to AB Whew!

    AB's military bred communication style was perfect for what 21CW needed back then. He helped establish the discipline and culture of 21CW and served countless leadership roles

    AB added a lot over the years, he was funny, and good natured once you got past the thick outer layer.

    I'll miss the bugger

    So, take care buddy.....

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    RIP AB

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Here is the recording of the memorial:

    [27MB] [34IB] [1MD] [3ID] [101st] [1MEB] [13ME] [2ID] [10MD]
    [4ID] [3ID] [CinC]
    [PO] [FA] [TA] [TC] [MyIS] [TA] [TC] [TA]

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Like most people that have posted so far AB was one of the more prominent members I can recall from my days of playing BF2 here at 21CW. I feel like he definitely changed my ways of leading a squad when I was first playing here and I still remember some of the names he called me. Listening to him on CCOMS was hilarious at times.

    This news is sad to hear even with my limited interaction with AB but its clear he touched the lives of many here at 21CW.

    RIP AB.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Never knew the guy but from the stories I have heard so far I would have liked him. RIP

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    AB was an outspoken member that not every one liked. Even he and I crossed paths now and then. But I held that man in the highest respect. Fellow soldier and an honored member of the 21CW. I have chills thinking about this. I was just thinking about him this weekend and how we haven't seen him in a long time. That makes this even worse.

    I will miss you my brother. Who Ya!
    Fear the Reaper!

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    RIP AB
    Hadnt talked to him in quite a few years but the memories of the first 8 campaigns still remain strong.
    Camp 3 [15NE]Spartan117 under Lamewolf. Probably my Favorite campaign. Ill never forget Diamond Doug commanding from the hind swearing at us for not talking points fast enough.
    You were a good friend and one hell of cusser you will be missed.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    hello folks, it feels like a lifetime ago since i have been here...

    man oh man i a shocked by this news.
    i got an inbox message when I got home on friday and it took good while to sink in,
    i fell asleep, ok ok,i passed out due to many beers. i woke up about 2am and it hit me.
    AB was bulletproof man, i am saddened and shocked. we often argued do to my drunken baffoonery. I always admired his passion and spirit. condolences to his family and friends.
    i got nothing else to say really well old pal, you earned it. we'll see you again someday. say hello to Makato and Izzy for us.

    OK, I have many memories to share, as i am sure many of us do. I will share just this one.... It was on an anniversary of D-day, june 6. it was 21cw vs WAW.
    it was an honour to fight with you that day. It was so exciting, the buildup, the practicing all week. You made us all want to fight and kick ass that day. I have many crazy fun memories of this place and my time here....that day was epic man. i know there is a screen shotshot out there somewhere of that day.
    you're leadership inspired my squad, we were on the far left flank and we made it off the beach and into the dunes (the furthest of any). what a day that was.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Well I came back only to bring attention to someone soiling the 21CW name and what a shit way to find out that Airborne won't be jumping anymore........He will be missed and I'll always remember his beratings about Armor not being where it was supposed to be. :

    Strike Hold, All the way! RIP Airborne........I'll string up some jump boots for him on Fort Carson. Paratroopers don't die, they just slip away......

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    RIP AB, you will be missed greatly.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Sad news of his passing. I echo what so many others are saying. He was the soul of 21CW for a long time. The gruff exterior hid a big heart and someone who would spend massive amounts of his time trying to make the community better.

    It speaks to his memory all the names from years gone by that gathered to say goodbye to him. Those that made the memorial service, those on Facebook speaking highly of him and this great thread shows how much he touched each and every one of our lives in a positive way. A lot of time giggling your ass off, a lot of times learning something... A lot of times just enjoying being part of the 21CW that he helped build.

    You will be missed old man.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Sad news indeed. I fondly remember the days where he was IC, CinC and Gen in numerous campaigns in the early 21CW days. "Hooker-hoe" was the term he brought into my vocabulary.

    RIP AB
    DC: C#3 [12AB]W1|???.Blah - C#4 [19UK]W|1Lt.Blah - C#5 [21AU]W|Capt.Blah - C#6 [26BR]Maj.Blah - C#7 [32RA]LtCol.Blah - C#8 [4AB]RAF|FLt.Blah - C#9 [1BW]AAC|FLt.Blah - C#10 [82AB]???.Blah
    BF2 C#11 [2MEB]???.Blah
    BF4 C#45 [22AD]R|SGT.Blah - C#46 [11AB]A|SLT.Blah - C#47 [1CAV]SBS|SSG.Blah - C#48v2 [4ID]KST|1Lt.Blah

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    So sad to read about Shawn not being with us anymore

    As I missed the ceremony here is my story about AB:
    During the first BF2 era I was always playing on the other side, but when we switched to FFOW for 2 beta campaigns he and me got generals on the same side. We didn't know each other so at some point during a battle I tried to bring up some ideas but instead of listening he ranted at me, me his allied general! I was upset and send him a PM the other day. He actually contacted me in TS and appologized that he misstook me for one of the admins with a similar voice :P
    From that point on we had a really good relationship which later became a friendship when he asked me to join the dev team of another BF2 mod (Rise of Kobol). We planned to found a gaming company and sell games (which would have required me to move to the USA) but I got cold feet back then as my wife just got pregnant with our first child back then and I didn't want to take any risks.

    There are more stories but those are the most memorable to me.

    I'll miss him.


    THX to Sgen.Stealth for this great signature!

    Campaign Resume:

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    BF2 - #21: (1RGR)LD|Cpt - #22: (1UK)LD|Cpt - #23: (3MD)MajGen - #24: (1CD)USAF|Maj - #25: (7ID)USAF|Maj
    #26: TA - #27: TA - BC2 - #28: TA - #29: TA - #30-32: n/a
    BF2 - #33: (4GTD)Gen - #34: (3UK)EAW|WO1
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    BF2 - #39: (1CMD)A|WO1
    BF3 - #40: (2SF)FL|WO1 - #41: (SOAF)SK|WO1 - #42: (9AU)R|1LT - #43: (3AAG)S|Cpt
    BF4 - #44: (AMID)T|WO1 - #45: (22AD)ST|LT - #46: n/a - #46: (1CAV)FA|WO1

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    I just found out and can not believe this. I am so sorry for his family and friends. What a great person I had talked to about Arma, BF, and other games that he was working on. What a loss to this community! RIP

    Many thanks to SGEN Stealth for my Sig!
    SAF 1981-1985. 21CWBF2:C#23 (3MD)EZ|LCpl.Chevy24go C#24 (1CD)EZ|SFC.Chevy C#25 (7ID)EZ|CPL.Chevy C#26 (11AD)EZ|2Lt.Chevy24go C#27 (29ID)A|2Lt.Chevy C#33 (75RR)A|Pvt.Chevy C#34 (2MEF)A|Cpl.Chevy. ICJO: C#19 {SA}4|Sgt.Chevy 21CWBC2: C#28 BC2 Beta: (2ID)EZ|SGT.Chevy C#29 (1ID)EZ|SSGT.Chevy C#30 (4GKT)B|1LT.Chэvy 21CWBF3: Beta2:(1MD)S|Pvt.Chevy24go C#40:(2SL)M|SGT.Chevy

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    This is a PM I got from Alphacod & Marter41 :

    Hey Mcbain,

    I know its been a very long time but I just wanted to stop by and give my regards from Marter41, Who was a constant end of Airbornes Jokes and thus I became such. I wanted to express these words from Marter as the two of them came from an Era that predates our time in battle field 2 (When I was a HCO, and General of the 55AB).

    "Airborne will be missed, I was the Monkey Fucking a Football and no matter how many times i'd get cussed at we'd always end up laughing together with the gang (Bubba, Snipe, Havok,) The good old days when I was drinking my beer, flying my helicopter and having AB drop down and tell me how much of a Fucktard and Monkey I was! Those are days during Battle Field 1. He'll be missed ~ I salute him." - From Marter 41.

    I am sending you this because I do not have forum access and the days of tournament play are far behind me, but I wanted to drop a line and give our respects. After all AB was AB even when I was a General. Those are good days and I'll always remember them fondly. Bandar, Terran ect., our goofy times with Stealth and Crew but most importantly I remembered the sense of community. Airborne would be happy to know that all this continues and I'm glad to see a guy like you at top. Keep on rolling Mcbain!

    ~ Alphacod (Son to Marter) and Long Forgotten General of the 55AB! Hooray!

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    RIP Airborne.
    Typically, I tried to avoid him a lot. Was always surprised when he seemed to know who I was. He probably yelled at me a few times, think I may have been banned at some point for the usual stuff.

    He definitely had an outsized personality and even though I didn't know him during the DC days since I started in camp 8, he was definetly a big part of keeping things running during the switch to bf2. I also remember him focusing a lot of time helping out the opp side even though he was from a coal background, since we were failing to be very competitive and it was hurting the tourney.

    Anyways, shit sux.
    Sometimes the purpose of your life is to serve as a warning to others.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    RIP... He used to scare the shit out of me! funny guy also.



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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Sorry to hear about his passing. I knew him briefly when he was trying to get something going in World in Conflict, and a little in 21CW.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    A few years too late...

    What a character... Hard ass but a good time. He wasn't big on the oppositional forces so we were always on the opposite sides. I sure did love poking that old bear with a Stick. Rest easy.


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