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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Jesus, this comes out of nowhere for me. I've had the pleasure of fighting both alongside and against AB in numerous campaigns and I allways thought he'd be one of the constants of 21CW, a true pillar of the community. I don't think it's possible to overstate how much of a loss this is for us.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    he was a great guy and always stuck up for me. I will miss him :'(

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    I will miss being called a "fucktard"
    "Tappy tap tap"

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    You're in a better place my friend.
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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    I've had the pleasure of playing under him for several campaigns in the BF2 era.

    Rest in Peace

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Good evening 21CW.

    My heart is extremely heavy as I learn of the passing of my dear friend Airborne. He was a larger than life individual, a great friend, wonderful gamer and decorated US Army Veteran.

    God speed, may god keep your family and friends in his loving embrace. I will see you on the other side.
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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Wow this is pretty crazy, happened to see the PM sent to my old email. AB was a hardass but a fair hardass. I will also miss being called a fucktard.

    RIP AB
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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Shocked at the news. He was one of the originals. A class act and a good friend whom you could talk about anything with. Spent many a late night just shooting the breeze with him. Rest in Peace Airborne.
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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Even though it's been years since I was a part of 21CW, Airborne is the one person I'll always remember.
    Thanks for all the memories AB.

    "Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them."
    -George Eliot-

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    RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Airborne was my friend and we had good times in the early days. I have very fond memories of the time we spent in the early days and will miss him. It's hard to believe his gone! He always came on TS and shouted " Area you knucklehead. You there? I need this map changed or edited!" I can hear him now just thinking about him.

    I would be there but unfortunately I will be in Hospital. I have many a story I can pass along about him and I'm sorry I will not be there.

    R.I.P friend. You will never be forgotten.
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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    I only heard about him but wanna pay my respect
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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Airborne and I had some fun conversations and some great run-ins, I know that is shocking.
    He is what was the measuring post of this community. I believe it was a large part of what made all of this possible. What drew so many to spend at the hey day 12 hours two different days battling against people from around the world. It is where he could invest value to a group of men and women. And that camaraderie has lasted many many years.

    Retired military, he is what made this community so special. It was people like him, that brought the realism of tempered leaders who had really be in the crap. You would know that in real life, he would have your back, even if he enjoyed kicking your rear while he was back there.

    If you could gain his tolerance that was an amazing victory. If you could gain his respect that was something special. If you could kill him that was another thing all together.

    My fondest memory was when we were competing against one another. The old SF vs new SF. And we were mind gaming each other the entire time in ts. It was over weather or not we were going to call a gentleman's agreement on not going on the tower that overlooked the main base on Oman in BF3. Until he had mentioned that, I never was going to do anything there. We ended up soflaming the main base all day just to mess with him. So his air force would cry and make his day miserable.

    He was not happy with me, but he knew he would have done the same thing, he was just pissed that he didn't do it first.

    A major piece of this community's true north has passed. He was a great leader, great competitor, and son of a gun.

    I pray for his family, and his friends.

    I'll see you downrange.

    Kent "Sword" Fischer



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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    This is very sad of news. There was no mistaking AB for anyone. When he was in your channel you knew. I had a lot of good conversations with him about leadership and the direction of 21CW, He really cared about this place and wanted to see it succeed. 21CW has lost a truly great community member. I offer my condolences to his family and loved ones.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    This is very sad news, especially when it involves a US military veteran. Airborne was a great person and a great gamer. He dedicated much of his time to 21CW. No one will ever forget being a member of his Army.

    My prayers and condolences go out to his family.

    Godspeed Brother - see you on the next side !!

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    those boot camps were painful but fun!...RIP Airborne

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Man this is sad news. Airborne was one of my Majors in the very first campaign of 21CW in O2 Division. I remember a lot of funny stories from this guy :P Including the time he said Hey Tap, I am going to make you Tournament Chairmen of Battlefield Play For Free Tournament when we were with MYIS. And I was like ummmmm Soooo how is this going to work.. And his response was.. NO Idea.. lol :P But I played with Airborne in WaW and 21CW and this is a very sad loss as it is an old Vet of the Tournement.

    Here is a video of him that was given to me from Craaaazy back in the day.


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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Thos maes me so sad....and out of nowhere this came to me .
    He was a great man and had my utmost respect. I even thought about joining his game project since ive been learning coding and other stuff.

    I will always rememver when i got to know airborne better during practices..especially the shooting at helis from roofs with rpgs Is when we got aqquainted first. And from there on started a great friendship over the campaigns.

    That man could always be counted on to kick your ass when you're down to get you going againg and to keep you motivated...hell hearong his voice alone had an effect on us.

    There is so much i would want to say but wont for wall of text sakes.

    We have lost a great man.. and will most definetly try to attend his memorial.

    This is horrible...

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Sad news I just received today.

    AB you were one hardcore pita!

    Everyone else was just a fucktard as far as you were concerned.

    Off the mic you were a good dude and good friend.

    Yes he was a big part of why 21CW got started.

    Glad to see people are still at it.

    I still think about this place and old friends such as Shawn from time to time and my days as uber mod king long since passed

    RIP you ole sob

    ..JD out

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Life can really kick you in the ass some times...this is one of those times.

    My first encounter with AB was over 10 years ago...I was assigned to him for my very first MMO battle...I was so excited..I joined the 21CW in the middle of a campaign. I read the strat posted the night before and promptly joined in TS 15 minutes to start.

    I set myself up in the company channel and chatted with a few of my new commands (we were soviet, of course)...3 minutes before battle, AB comes down and in no short order, commences to lay down the order of the day.

    "Listen up Fucktards! We will be moving to...blah, blah, blah" Being my first ever experience playing online with others I knew in an instant...This was the place for me.

    AB had a way of making you feel like you were still in the service...he created an atmosphere that was perfect for 21CW and he cared a great deal for the community. For those who never had the true experience of being online/TS with AB back in the missed something special.

    2 terms AB taught me that I will use and passed down: "Fucktard" (which was hilarious if he was using this term on someone other than you) & "Monkey Fucking a Football" (which was used in a group setting for discribing what could only be a total fail attempt at taking a flag, holding a flag, or MY FAVORITE F'ing up in practice which was 4 nights a week around here and at full participation)

    Those who know me, know that when AB and I got into it...we didn't hold much back and we laid it out for each other. But, when we were done and cooled off, we manned up and went back to being friends. As AB explained it once to someone who said to him "I thought you and Snake hated each other"...he replied "Hate? The only time I truly hate Snake is when that asshole knifes me. We may yell at each other but that is only out of respect for each other".

    You bullheaded old son-of-bitch...wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I want you to know. I miss our conversations, strategy meetings, movie making, map drawings, bitching, and all the laughs we had at the expense of the Noobs we were trying to train in this tourney. There will never be another SOB like you and that part of this game is gone forever. You were as close as any friend I have ever had and I am truly sad to see you go, my brother from another mother.



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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )


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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    RIP AB. Was a pleasure meeting him. He was always dedicated in whatever he got into
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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    Life sometimes sux... i've met AB 12 years ago, in the MFOTS time and the dawn of 21CW... i share many of the words some other veterans already said.

    Rest in Peace AB,

    "The soldier of the future is an F-16 on legs."

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    RIP Airborne

    Thank you for all you did for 21CW. No doubt you had a major role in helping mold 21CW and it's community to grow and adapt. I am honored to have played with and against you for all those campaigns. I'm most happy that I was able to be a part of an HCO staff that featured you as an SMA, truely fun. Also anytime I hear "Fuck Nugglet" I will remember that tough character from 21CW.

    God bless you AB,
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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    A very sad day. He was a pillar in the community. Always gave it his all, a never quit attitude. Like many I have my fair share of AB stories. From the many times he called me a fucktard to cupcake and beyond there's been so many special names he had for me.

    But the ones that stands out in my mind is when he took the whole division into one channel and made us sing kumbaya because we all played like pussies lol
    Or scaring the shit out of a new guy with AB stories and then dragging his ass into channel and just get him going on his rants about new guys.
    There is so much more I can go on about.

    It was an honor playing with you and against you. We had our arguments but in the end it was always solved by an endless "kick the monkey time"
    I can proudly say I worked with you closely on getting a CoD tournament going even when we realized that it was pointless that the community wouldn't bite on it.

    I can proudly say that I called you one of my closest friends here. Just fucked up that we lost touch over the years. Would give anything for another go of kick the monkey time(until you got to excited and banned me) and just sit back shot the shit and have a few cold ones.

    RIP Shawn I'll see you on the other side
    Lost But Never Forgotten.
    RIP Eddie

    Ancient Art of tree raming made PRO.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    LOVED OUR "kick the monkey" moments...... i remember them dearly

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    RIP Airborne

    Quote Originally Posted by [21CW]Herz View Post
    Everyone has an AB story and that's what made him special. The dude cared so deeply about 21CW and wanted nothing but the best.
    I couldn't say it better Herz!
    RIP Airborne! you will be missed dearly!
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    Campaign #45 [22AD]K|PVT.BadAssSoldier

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    So many stories .1 that comes to mind is AB was Gen for us during arma 2 and herz was an an admin. So i get this phone call at work and its herz trapped in his own admin channel. Trapped by AB. Herz is like what do I do,he wont leave and i said just kick his ass from your channel but herz i don't know maybe knew if he kicked AB shit would hit the fan. I think he finally kicked him out but it was funny at the time because an admin didn't wsnt to kick a General out of his channel just out of respect for AB.

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    Re: RIP Airborne ( Shawn )

    A sad day to here that shawn AKA AB has passed away way too soon for a great guy to go me and my wife Hotlips have known him for 15 years in the gaming community and over the time we came close friends I have had so many great fun times playing, you will be truly missed.

    RIP AB


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