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    Arma 3 a MMORPG?

    Hi guys was just reading the suggestion forum and what hit me is that is sounds a lot like a MMORPG.

    I mean you got the whole grind for money down to get better mounts down in the suggestsion.
    The AI/mobs are too easy or too hard compared to uppgraded or non uppgraded gear. Or if you team up in raid parties and go after them groups.
    Making powerful Gear/weapons non startabel but buyable for your grinding money or rare quests.

    Leveling seemes to be gear based and not skill based. Especially with suggestsion of buying bigger backpacks and wepons and vehicles.

    So From what I had read and understood of arma it's not the above.

    It was supposed to be large scale military operations. Where your assigned roles and points on a map to control or take over for enemy. With some overall objective like claim town x or secure person y and move to base.
    So would anyone mind explaining why this is not what I'm seeing in the suggestion thread but rather tweaks to a mmorpg.


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    Re: Arma 3 a MMORPG?

    Arma 3 is not an MMORPG. The reason you're so confused is that on the public server we're running a game mode called Wasteland. In that game mode you fight to survive on the island by finding food, weapons, vehicles. Before you begin you can join 3 factions BLUFOR, OPFOR and independent. If you're BLUFOR or OPFOR you work together with your faction to survive, take control of towns etc. As independent you're on your own (unless you create a group with other independents). There are a few traders on the map where you can sell and buy stuff (like clothing, weapons vehicles). You can basically compare this game mode with dayz, but without Zombies. It's a sandbox game mode where you're free to do what ever you want (including building your own base). Arma 3 is so modifiable that you can also create RPG's with it (eg. Arma 3 life). The large scale military operations are also an option, but it's almost impossible to have that running on a public server, especially with lower numbers (while Wasteland you can still easily play on your own).
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