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    Re: Arma 3 is 50% off on Steam until March 30

    joining another server is an issue if you dont know the game mode ect.

    The majority of arma 3 servers require modd-ed files the client needs to download and install into the arma 3 folders before you can play on that server.

    21CW server is only running a bog standard wasteland server. No client downloads required. We will try to keep this to a minimum. The only time we would require a client side download is if something was broken and required fixing. Most arma patches are community focused and address problems the players have brought up. Players can then fix the problems even before the fixes are implemented worldwide.
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    Re: Arma 3 is 50% off on Steam until March 30

    my 2 cents..... before you invite the masses in 21CW to try out ARMA2, get it ready so it is a close as possible to how you guys intend to play it. I got on this past Sunday and Trigger "held my hand" - but I didn't come away feeling compelled. Frankly I was underwhelmed

    Perhaps if I had waited until you guys modded it up and got it ready for a faster 21CW style game play , my initial experience would have been be more positive.

    My Advice, keep the exposure limited. Do not "talk it up" until you are ready to show it off. - - I'm going to wait ....... best of luck.

    Think of it as a long term project with a schedule of milestones.

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    Re: Arma 3 is 50% off on Steam until March 30

    Because OBI you need to put some more time in.

    What we are playing on the public server right now reflects in no way how the possible tournament play will be.

    Just get on and play more get used to the game. Last night we had a good 20 players on the server just pubbing. A cheeky 5v5 between players just on teamspeak on different sides. I spent most of my night trying to destroy yummy in a large range of ways. Crashing an attack chopper into him while 2 of my squad mates hit him with AT missiles was what it took to bring that beast down.

    Its hard not to talk the game up because its fresh. A big downside to the game is that its different from what we all have been playing. Give it a chance!
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    Re: Arma 3 is 50% off on Steam until March 30

    I reinstalled Arma, pubbed around with a few folks on wasteland. It has its moments, but is still incredibly tedious at times. I will give it a chance further, because I like 21CW, but am agreeing with Obi about looking forward to a mod that GREATLY improves the pace of the game.

    Also, I feel like people might be upset about having a higher skill cap... In all, I'm willing to give it all a shot, just hope that folks remember that the BF series are arcade games after all. We are not a sim community, despite having a loosely followed rank structure and armies.

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    Re: Arma 3 is 50% off on Steam until March 30

    Had been playing Arma 3 for all of 2 days before I got called a hacker

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    Re: Arma 3 is 50% off on Steam until March 30

    Quote Originally Posted by [4ID]KPD|2Lt.Zone15 View Post
    Had been playing Arma 3 for all of 2 days before I got called a hacker
    I ghosted 5 guys last night randomly. They didn't see it coming. That's my proudest moment thus far.
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    Re: Arma 3 is 50% off on Steam until March 30

    Im a long time veteran of Arma, Arma II and Arma III. I love the game, I love the series. I have played in many great tournaments and always loved it. Ive probably played more Arma than anyone in the tournament, its been my main game from 2007.

    I tell you solemnly, any switch for 21CW is bound to fail. There are just too many pitfalls with the game for people to fall into. The scale, the range of mods, mission making faux pas. The game is soooooooo sensitive and temperamental. It does slow paced infantry magnificently, it fails miserably when played at a fast pace.

    As someone said above, have a product ready, do not expect people to learn as you do.

    1) Stay away from all 3rd party mods excepting possibly CBA if you want to create your own addons (mods in amra)
    2) Be vary wary of community made mission. Many are poorly optimised, bloated with stuff you dont need which ruin your server FPS (and in most cases client FPS). The makers can also be insanely territorial with it too
    3) SERVER FPS; SERVER FPS; SERVER FPS should be your new mantra.

    I have run tournaments in this game very successfully and I am happy to advise on the do's and donts.

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    Re: Arma 3 is 50% off on Steam until March 30

    all good level headed points, I'm just saying take your time. Do it right... don't rush it out there and decimate the existing community in haste.

    Consider a separate forum area labeled "ARMA Lab" or simply " 21CW R&D" so when 21CW members read posts about Arma its in the context exploration, development so as not to scare folks with away rumor mongering. If it is good they will come.


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