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    Hi all,

    I have calculated the monthly expenses. To be open and transparent about it, it's as follows:
    Yearly payments USD domain $15,00 domain $15,00
    SSL certificate $100,00

    Monthly Expenses USD
    Windows VPS $29,99
    Linux VPS $27,00
    Practice servers VPS $39,99
    72 BF4 slots on VPS $26,99
    Battle server 70 slots + (cpu prio) $91,88
    Yearly expenses 1/12 $10,83

    Total per month $226,68

    We do have monthly donations where me personally put in the biggest amount, yet we still run short of paying the monthly bills.
    Pay2pick from C48 still gives us a small buffer but we do need to keep the cash flowing, otherwise 21cw will eventually seize to exist. We simply cannot rely on such a small group of people putting in so much money.

    First off, a very big thank you to the current monthly donors! We really appreciate your support!

    We still receive monthly support from people who have left the tournament for years already!!!

    However, the group of people who (monthly) donate is relatively small compared to the amount of players we have here.

    So I kindly ask you guys, if you like what we do with this place and want to keep this running, please donate!

    Click HERE if you want to become a monthly donor. A merely $6 gets you on the way and grants you a free pick when Pay2pick is in effect. $20 or above gives you your own personal TS channel if you want one.

    Click HERE if you want to do a one-time donation.

    I have adjusted the donation goal on the bar to a more realistic goal and to reflect the gap between current income and monthly expenses.

    Amount Benefits
    $6 - Benefits last 30 days Permanent Donor Medal & Ribbon
    No ads on the forums, if you choose.
    $12 - Benefits last 30 days Same as above
    VIP room access.
    $12 medal denoting greater donation.
    Reserved/VIP slot on 21CW Public Server.
    $20 - Benefits last 30 days Same as above
    $20 medal denoting greater donation.
    21CW Hero Bronze User Title/User colors
    for between campaigns or when inactive.
    Moderator access in forum public areas.
    $35 - Benefits last 30 days Same as above
    $35 medal denoting greater donation.
    Upload your own avatar for between
    campaigns or when inactive.
    21CW Hero Silver User Title/User colors
    for between campaigns or when inactive.
    $50 - Benefits last 30 days All of the above PLUS
    Your own room in TeamSpeak.
    The ability to add a smiley of your choice
    to the forums, named after you (in accordance to our rules of conduct).
    21CW Hero Gold User Title/User colors
    for between campaigns or when inactive.
    Monthly/Subscription Donors Receive all the perks for the amount they donate.
    PLUS (limited) Admin on the public server.
    PLUS a ribbon denoting their continuous donations.
    PLUS a vote on what plugins are on the server
    PLUS a vote on the standard maplist for the server
    Never pay to pick while subscription is active.
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    Re: Donations

    What's the difference between a TS room and a TS channel?

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    Re: Donations

    Quote Originally Posted by [1FR]D|2LT.BulletMgntEd View Post
    What's the difference between a TS room and a TS channel?
    Well, you know everything electronically exists out of bits. The room has yellow bit, and the channel has purple bits
    j/k, its the same thing

    The "VIP ROOM" this is a specific forum, which you should already have access to btw

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    Re: Donations

    $100 SSL cert? I knew that it was a wildcard, but I though that maybe you got it dirt cheap in some sale. Come on, you could buy a basic cert for $9, and just expose everything as

    EDIT: Also, if finances are becoming an issue, take some pragmatic actions: drop practice servers, nobody is using them. Just let the armies book the battle server. Also, that's WAAAY too much $$$ for both VPS's. Consolidate them into one (Linux), get a droplet in Digital Ocean for $20, and be happy. TS redundancy is... redundant. But even if not, have two droplets for $5 each, they can handle 300+ clients easily.

    EDIT 2: Both domains can be transferred to Namcheap, that's $10 saved per year. Moreover, if you do so, you'll get a couple of discounted SSL certs.

    This'll cut the costs by at least $100 / month.
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    Re: Donations

    Quote Originally Posted by [1FR]C|Cpl.jevs View Post
    This'll cut the costs by at least $100 / month.
    Let's take out the costs of VPS, SSL and Domain names totally (forgetting about an alternative)
    Windows VPS $29,99
    Linux VPS $27,00
    Yearly expenses 1/12 $10,83
    Total: $67,82 not $100 as you claim and no alternatives taken into account even yet.

    @Jevs, i will only explain this once and then it's end of discussion. What or how we run things is not up for discussion.

    We run 2 VPS boxes, both Linux and Windows. This is for redundancy purposes.
    - Getting a Windows VPS with the specs we have, based in NYC isn't possible to find cheaper. If you do find one, with a proven reliable host, let me know.
    - Getting a linux VPS with the amount of RAM and SSD based in NYC isn't possible to find cheaper. If you do find one, with a proven reliable host, let me know. At the host you just suggested this would cost $40. Do we need these specs? YES! I had to upgrade the current VPS because it ran out of memory.
    Yes personally i run a cheap VPS based in NL which is half the price, however this doesn't perform up to spec for US based ppl. We are NOT moving the servers to Europe. Stop thinking European prices.

    Why do we run two servers? indeed redundancy, and backup purposes. We like to keep control over our things. Also, having both Windows and Linux provides us many options to run things. I.E. procon on linux is not stable. Yet linux is the preferred platform for web hosting.

    The domain names run at Namecheap. If you'd done a whois you would have known. There is a price difference in .com and .net with namecheap. I checked the prices today and it only gave me euro prices, which i rounded off to $15. As this is a yearly expense, a few dollars off doesn't make a big difference.

    The SSL cert we run for multiple assets. As we run multiple VPS boxes a wildcard is preferred. Again $100 is a rounded off figure which doesn't make a big difference on a yearly basis. Running services as a virtual folder on a single domain is a ghetto solution. You as a dev should know better than suggesting that.

    I'm an IT pro; Senior Systems Engineer and Messaging Platform Consultant for the Dutch government, with 15 years of working experience. I've worked many jobs including working for software companies and had many discussions with dev ppl like you. I know how to properly set up systems like these and I get paid well to do so.
    This is how i like to run the setup for 21cw. If you don't like it how we run it, you don't have to donate. That is your right.
    Can it be done cheaper? Sure! Will it be just as reliable? NO!
    Why do people get insurance (health insurance for example)? Are you a person who gets the cheapest insurance? I'm not... I want to sleep well at night.

    On top of that, i personally put in around $70 each month to cover the VPS expenses, because i choose to run it this way and don't want 21cw to be hurt by the massive costs. Unlike previous admins, i'm open about our expenses and everyone here gets to choose whether they want to support this or not. I asked for (financial) support and did not ask for your criticism.
    If there was anything to criticize, it would be the practice server setup, however yet again, i'm unaware of any cheaper solution. This is not an open invitation to discuss that aspect though. Any input you have you can send over PM to me and there will be no more discussions in this thread.
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    Re: Donations

    So how does one setup a monthly donation?

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    Re: Donations

    In the famous words of JB
    Quote Originally Posted by [TA]JamesBond007 View Post


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    Re: Donations

    How do I modify an existing subscription?
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    Re: Donations

    You should cancel it and make a new one. Not sure how to cancel it through the forums, but you can always cancel it in Paypal.


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