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    21CW Owned/Operated Game Servers

    This list is intended to collect all servers owned, managed, or hosted by 21CW and/or community members. If you would like a server you own/host added to this list, please PM Razwer, HvyHitter, 2000AD or JamesBond with you game type, server IP address, server administrator names, and any passwords or mod information needed to log in. We cannot guarantee a DNS redirect for everyone, but if possible we will try to arrange it.

    BF4 - Administered by the HCOs & Ambassadors
    Main Public/Battle
    Marketing Recruitment

    ArmA3 - Administered by McBain UNDER CONSTRUCTION
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    Re: 21CW Owned/Operated Game Servers

    bump, info updated

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    Re: 21CW Owned/Operated Game Servers

    OOOoooOOO! I didn't know there was an Arma server.

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    Re: 21CW Owned/Operated Game Servers

    ArmA3 eh!...Interesting


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