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    21CW Frequently Asked Questions

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    Any issues with registration or the forums can be addressed via our CONTACT US form. Or alternately you can join us on TEAMSPEAK and hop into the NEED HELP channel.
    Welcome to 21st Century Warfare! If you do not need any further information about us and just want to register and get posting, CLICK HERE.
    What is 21st Century Warfare? In short 21st Century Warfare, or 21CW, is an organized community-based tournament and gaming society that plays large-scale Battlefield 4 battles. We are not a clan, far from it. What we provide is a place for players seeking better, more organized place to play BF4 than the pub servers provide. A place to meet new friends from all over the world and kill them! A place where someone can contribute and advance through effort and hard work. A place where the concept of TEAM reigns supreme. Does this interest you? Need no more information, just want to jump straight in? Then CLICK HERE to jump straight into your first step, registering for the forums. What do we mean by community-based tournament? Unlike many clans, ladders, or competition teams there are no tryouts to join us. Our only requirement to play with us is the desire to be something bigger than yourself. We are open to everyone around the world over the age of 16. No matter their in-game skill level. 21CW it is about group achievement, not individual skill. Unlike most tournaments or ladders you don't build a team and the sign up. We already provide the teams for you! We have 4 teams, or Divisions as we call them. These Divisions are split into two sides. The list below will illustrate this set up better than I can explain.
      • PLA
      • Russian Army
      • US Army
      • US Marines
    So what do we actually DO with these Divisions? We have a 10-12 week season, or campaign during which we have 2 battles each weekend. One on Friday, one on Saturday. Specific information on battle times, basic rules, lengths can be found HERE. These battles vary in size and length depending on which game mode we are playing that week. We play Obliteration, Rush, and Conquest. Conquest is played at 30v30 for 6 hours, there are 4 admin/referee slots reserved. Unfortunately Rush and Obliteration are not set up for battles that large. They just are not fun with that many people on the map. So we play smaller battles, but longer ones. For those modes we play 22v22, but for 8 hours instead of 6. You can play as little or as much in the battle as you like. Have only an hour? Cool, talk to your COs and hop in. Can you play the whole time? Awesome! We give out medals for that! Depending on the outcome of each battle the Divisions are awarded Campaign Points. At the end of the Campaign one side is declared the victor. At the end of each Campaign the rosters are cleared, new Commanders named, and new Divisions created. The countries remain the same, but the units change. So this campaign General Dogma might be leading the 1st Infantry Division of the US Army, but next campaign it might be you leading another unit from the US Army! Further just because you belong to one Division/Side this campaign doesn't mean you cannot change next campaign. That is one of the major advantages to our system. That you aren't stuck where you started out during your first Campaign, you can change as many times as you want in between campaigns. Those are military units listed up there. Are we some sort of role-playing group? No, we are not. In the first paragraph we said that we are "an organized community-based tournament." We currently play Battlefield 4 as our primary game. We have discovered through the years that modelling ourselves after the military is the best way to achieve the organized play we want. So our Divisions are set up similar to the real life military. We have High Command Officers (HCOs) at the top leading each Division. Company Officers (COs) lead the companies that make up the Divisions. And Enlisted Soldiers making up those companies. We also use a military-like rank structure. Without something like this in place, it our battles would be chaos like the public servers. We don't tank this organization too far though. As I said, we're not role-players. You don't need to salute officers. Or call people "sir" or "ma'am." The whole structure is there for organization, to provide the most epic and fun battles you've ever played in BF4. What is advancement in these Divisions based on? The concept of TEAM is paramount here at 21CW. We want people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves. If you consistently have a Kill/Death Ratio of 50-1 but your Division loses the battle every week then what is the point? Here we recognize teamwork and reward it. You could be awful killer but if your efforts and skills allow your team to win, you will find yourself quickly moving up the ranks. Maybe even commanding a company before you know it! Intel gathering, strategy/tactic planning, teaching/training skills, leadership abilities. These are the things that are of primary importance to us here at 21CW. Because it's about your Side winning the campaign. Your Division winning the battles. Your company winning by having fun playing together. You winning by making new friends all over the world through 21st Century Warfare! So what next? Well if any of this interests you, you must first REGISTER for the forums. Then you must ENLIST in an army. After that, you should receive a message from your General welcoming you to the Division. It will include a roadmap with the steps to get you into a company, on TeamSpeak, and into the fight! Not ready for that? Want more information? Use the links below for that. If you have any questions, just post them up in the question forum. Keep in mind you must REGISTER with the forums to be able to post. Helpful Links for New Members
    Any issues with registration or the forums can be addressed via our CONTACT US form. Or alternately you can join us on TEAMSPEAK and hop into the NEED HELP channel.
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