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    21CW Simplified Rulebook

    21CW Simplified Rules

    These are the rules, in plain english format for ease of reading and understanding.

    Our number one rule here at 21CW is simply "Have Fun."

    The second most important rule is "Respect others."

    Follow these two, and you should have no problems here.

    1. Basic Player rules
      1. Act with honor, integrity, and display good sportsmanship at all times. Whether in our TS, forums, servers, or out in the public, FB, Battlelog, etc..
      2. 21CW has a maximum rating of PG-13 for all of our content. If you wouldn't see it in a PG-13 movie, it shouldn't be here.
      3. Harrasment of any kind is strictly forbidden.
      4. Officers and High Command Staff at 21CW are held to a higher standard.

        And thus are dealt with more harshly for violating these rules. Please see the Official Rulebook for more information.
      5. Players should wear their uniform at all times while here at 21cw. Your uniform are your tags in and out of game.
        1. This means your username should be: [Army Intials]Company Initials|Rank Abbreviation.playername. EX. [4GG]F|Capt.Dogma, (3ID)EZ|Capt.Snipe
        2. Real life military veterans can use () instead of [] around their army initials.
        3. No clan tags or special characters are allowed in user names in the forums or TS.
        4. Your forum avatar must be correct for your Army, Company, and rank at all times - To be updated as soon as you receive a promotion or demotion
        5. You can only change any of these when you are promoted or transferred.
        6. If your uniform is incorrect, you will be ineligible to play on BattleDay

      6. Players who share an IP must play in the same Army.
      7. Don't cheat or hack. Zero tolerance for cheating, hacking, glitching etc. We will find out, and you will be banned.
      8. Follow the Chain of Command [CoC]
        1. 21CW is about ORGANIZED fun, the pseudo-military structure we use allows us to achieve that goal.
        2. Follow orders from those above you. Help teach and train those around and below you.
        3. If you disagree with orders, handle it appropriately. Don't just disobey them.
        4. DO NOT approach the Admin staff directly. Approach Your Company Officers (COs) or High Command Officers (HCOs) or a 21CW Ambassador (They can be identified by their UN shield on Teamspeak)

      9. To be eligible for Battle or reinforcing you MUST attend one practice each week.

    2. Campaign Rules/Process
      1. Each week on Saturday there is 1 battle.
        1. The battle is taking place for three periods (tours) of roughly 2 hours, starting at 1200 tournament time.
        2. In between each tour there is a 15 minute break. Between map switches during a tour there is a 5 minute break.

      2. Each tour is worth 1 Campaign point. The Army that wins the most rounds in Conquest or scores the most poinst in Rush/Obliteration in a period gets those points. The are no points on ties.

    3. Battleday Rules
      1. Don't cheat, hack or glitch.
        1. This includes anything that isn't included in the game that can give you an unfair advantage over other players. Macros, aimbots, ESP hacks, tweaked settings, etc.
        2. If you have any concern about what might be a hack/cheat, talk to your HCOs or an Ambassador.

      2. Do not join the server without orders from your SL (Squad-Leader), CO, or HCO to do so.
      3. Do not use the all chat function in BF4. Only admins are allowed to use in game all chat.
      4. To be as fair as possible we swap sides on the map every round. Before spawning in, find out which side your army is playing during that round by asking the players in your channel. Make sure you are on that side.
      5. The Main Bases are totally off limits. This rule has changed. Main bases may be attacked, however it's not allowed to hoover over them with air assets and await the opposing air assets to spawn and destroy.
        1. Don't shoot into or out of them.
        2. When your vehicle spawns in, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get it out of the Main Base Out of Bounds Area AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
        3. Depending on the map, what constitutes a main base may not just be what is covered by the out of bounds area. Any changes will be announced by the admin staff for the HCOs to pass down to their armies.

      6. It's NOT ALLOWED to use assets like AA or artillery in out of bounds area.
      7. It is forbidden to spawn into a jet prior to the round beginning, IE the countdown clock reaches ZERO then spawn in.
      8. Captured assets must be kept on the field of play, not in main bases.
      9. Don't load into a Spectator slot on the battleserver
      10. Don't use the following:
        • UCAV
        • Active Radar
        • STAFF Shell
        • EOD Bot on Rush maps
        • AC-130 Commander Asset
        • MBT Law
        • Shotguns

      11. Asset players may be rotated to other tasks by their HCO's based on (by admins validated) claims of HCO staff of the opposing team. This is not a rule which can be called upon easily and will only be executed in rare occasions.

    4. TeamSpeak Rules
      1. Once a Campaign has started, you are not allowed in other Army's channels. Use the public rooms or DMZ to hang out with players from other Armies.
      2. If you hear your opponent's communications during battle, you must report it to your COs or HCOs.
      3. Using the TeamSpeak whisper, chat, or poke systems to insult or bother other players is forbidden.
      4. Use of anything deemed inappropriate by the admin staff, be it speech, text or image including leaving messages is forbidden

    5. Reporting rule violations
      1. Gather as much evidence as possible prior to making a report.
      2. Take your evidence to your CO or HCO staff. DO NOT circumvent the CoC.

    6. Punishments for rule violations
      1. Whether something offends someone or not has no bearing on whether a rule has been violated.
      2. Strikes can be issued at any time.
        1. Receive a total of 3 strikes AT ANY TIME and you will be banned for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of forever.
        2. Divisional strikes can be issued by HCOs and expire at the end of the current campaign
        3. Tournament strikes are issued by the Admin staff and expire at their discretion.

      3. On the Battle server
        1. First offense = warning and/or a kick from the server. If unsure of why you were kicked, contact your HCOs for more information.
        2. Second offense = 1 hour server ban.
        3. Third offense = 3 day 21CW ban. This includes the forums, TS, and our servers.
        4. Repeat offender's will be punished more harshly.

      4. Everywhere else
        1. Posts or Threads can be deleted or moved without any further punishment being levied. If this happens to you, contact your HCO staff. They are told the reasons whenever the Admin staff does this.
        2. First offense = a warning and removal of whatever violated the rules.
        3. Second offense = a 3-7 day 21CW ban.
        4. Third offense = 1 month 21CW ban.
        5. Fourth offense = 1 year 21CW ban.
        6. Fifth offense = permanent 21CW ban.
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