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    21CW Official Rulebook

    Section I - Basic Tournament Rules

    The most important rule here at 21CW is "Don't be a smacktard." Follow this rule and the rest won't come in to play.

    This means be respectful towards others, keep in mind the PG-13 maximum rating for content, do not bring politics or religion into posts or signatures.
    We are here to have fun, not create drama.

    Last Update: 24th November 2013 - C44

    1. General Player Rules
    • Members of the 21st Century Warfare community are expected to act with honor, integrity, and respect at all times. Whether in our servers, on our TeamSpeak, in our forums, or out amongst the public. Your behavior reflects on the 21CW community as a whole, and you are expected to represent the best qualities of our community to the public at all times.
    • All 21cw members are expected to have good sportsmanship both on and off the battlefield.
    • Harassment of ANY KIND will not be tolerated. This includes baiting someone, trolling, sexism, racism, or anything else along those lines. Every member of the 21CW community from top to bottom is to be protected from abuse, be it a new recruit being called a n00b or an Admin being called biased.
    • All members of 21cw members are expected to follow the 21st Century Warfare Tournaments Forum and Teamspeak rules, these can be found here.
    • All players are required to wear proper identification tags in TeamSpeak, BF4, Battlelog and the forums using the following format: [Division]Company Indicator|Rank.Nickname example: [1MD]D|Pvt.Kangoo. These Tags will be in brackets [ ] for Non-Military Personnel or in parenthesis ( ) for Prior or Current Military Personnel. For example: Non Military Personnel [1MD]D|Pvt.Kangoo, for Active Duty or Military Veterans: (1MD)D|Pvt.Kangoo. In Battlelog and BF4 ingame it is sufficient to just wear the correct army tags: [1MD]Kangoo.
    • Players nicknames in the forums & TeamSpeak must be their in-game name. This can be a shortened version of their in-game name, but no clan tags, extra characters or icons can be added to a player's name in TeamSpeak or the Forums without the expressed permission of the 21CW admin staff. Special characters other than numbers in place of normal letter is not allowed.
    • Aliases that are vulgar, offensive, racist, or against the policies of this tournament are not acceptable.
    • Once a name has been chosen, it must remain the same for the duration of the current campaign. This is to reduce confusion with apparent new players, who only changed their name and also to reduce work for setting up server-admin and so on.
    • Players can be removed from a Division's roster during the course of a campaign for inactivity. In the case of a removal for inactivity the player should receive 2 PMs. The first, 7 days prior to removal informing the player that they are up for removal due to inactivity and stating what needs to be done to prevent this. The second, the day they are removed from the roster informing them they are being removed & who to contact to see about returning to active duty.
    • In order to prevent removal for inactivity, all players are encouraged to post up an LOA (Leave of Absence) notice in their company barracks. So that their CO knows that they are gone, and for how long.
    • Players who share the same IP MUST play on the same side. This means that if one player goes random, every other person on that IP MUST pay to pick to the same side.
    • To be eligible for Battle or reinforcing you MUST attend one practice each week.
    • To be eligible for Battle or reinforcing you MUST use a working microphone/headset.

    2. Command & Rank Structure
    • The command structure starts with the General and then extends from his command staff down to Private. The General and his staff have complete control of the division, including battle decisions, promotions, medals, and punishments.
    • All divisions are required to follow the 21CW Rank Structure Chart. It can be viewed here.
    • We have an up or out policy for our officers & HCO corps. This means you either go up a grade in rank, or return to the enlisted pool. This rule applies to every Divisional rank.
    • In everything related to 21CW, the Chain of Command [CoC] is in effect. In other words, you must follow the orders of those who outrank you during practices, battles, etc.
    • The CoC isn't just a hierarchy of who orders whom around. It is the method by which information is relayed throughout the tournament. Soldiers present questions/concerns to their Officers. The Officers bring it up to the HCO staff. The HCO staff then passes the information on the the Admins. And it works the other way too. With the Admins giving HCOs the information and then the HCOs passing it out.
    • Members must use their CoC for answers to any questions in relation to 21CW, be it rules, install instructions, or any other question. 99% of all questions can be answered by a member within your own Division and CoC.
    • You should approach a member of the 21CW Admin staff with your question ONLY when given specific permission to do so by your General or another HCO.
    • Admins have the right to override the General and his staff. The 21CW Administrators generally have a hands-off policy with the day to day operations of the divisions, but they can and will step in if necessary for the good of the tournament & community.

    3. Transfer Rules

    • You can transfer to a new Division at anytime before the official start of a new campaign. The official start of a campaign is after registration but before the first official battle week begins. A $15 USD transfer fee is required. Transfers are not allowed during beta campaigns unless done by tournament administration.
    • You must request a transfer by informing your General and a Tournament Admin of the move via Private Message. Transfers must be approved by both Generals, and the IC or TC.
    • In extreme circumstances, transfers are allowed throughout the course of the campaign. An extreme circumstance is not displeasure with your CO or because your friends are in the opposing force. Again, these transfers must be approved by both Generals, and the IC or TC. The IC has the Final Word and may override the General's denial. You will have to pay an $15 USD penalty for transferring during an active campaign.

    If you share an IP address with someone in the tournament, you both must be on the same side. If you are not and you are caught, and you will be, you BOTH may be banned from the tournament. It is your responsibility to notify your Chain of Command (HCO) if you share an IP and are on different sides.
    21st Century Warfare reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time and an Administrator's word is final.
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    Re: 21CW Basic Rules - The rules every player need to know to play here.

    Section II - Battle Rules

    NOTE: Situations may arise that the rules and procedures do not cover. Under these circumstances the administration will make a decision. That decision is final and cannot be appealed. Such a situation may cause a review of the current rules, thus resulting in the modification, addition, or removal of rules by the Admin Staff.

    Whilst it is hard to create a perfectly worded rule with no potential loopholes it is easy to infer the intent of each rule as it is posted. The admins will provide clarification and close loopholes as needed but it is also the perogative of all 21CW members to play in the spirit of the rules posted and not try to find exploits.

    Most Recent Edit - 28th September 2014 - Added Gunship to list of banned equipment

    Battleday In-Game Rules
    1. Any modification made to the game client will not be allowed. This includes any change of player skins, running scripts or macros of any form, or third party software that changes the game client in any way. Any person caught violating this rule will be subject to disciplinary actions. The game is to be played as is from the original installation and updated in accordance with official patch releases. Only authorized 21CW modifications are allowed. Players found to be intentionally cheating will be banned from 21CW. Exploiting a known glitch in the game is a form of cheating and will be considered as such. A final decision will be made by the IC or TC. There is no appeal to a cheating ban.
    2. Only tournament administration and commanders should use global chat. Excessive and/or intentional use of the in-game global chat, text or vocal, will result in removal from the battle. A tournament strike may be assessed.
    3. Depending on the severity of the offense, rounds may also be deducted from the offender's army battle score.
    4. During the battle, players are not allowed to spawn on their opponent's side. Players are to immediately remove themselves from the server if this occurs accidentally. If a player is found on their opponent's side for an extended period of time (as determined by the administration) the action will be considered intention and a form of spying and/or cheating. If not corrected within a reasonable amount of time the victimized team can request to kick that person from their side. This can also result in suspensions, bans, and/or round deductions.
    5. During the battle, players are not allowed to remain idle on their opponent's side. If a player is going to be AFK for more than 2 minutes, they must disconnect from the server and reconnect upon returning. Failure to do so will be treated the same as spawning in on the opponent's side.
    6. A player should never join the opposing force and team-kill. If a situation like this occurs and is confirmed by an administrator the individual will be removed from server for the battle's duration. Further discipline may be issued by the Admin Staff.
    7. You are not required to show Company and Rank tags while on the Battle Server(s). Your division tag will suffice, for example [29ID]Kangoo. TIP - Save twice in Battlelog when editing your profile!
    8. Squad hopping is not allowed. Once a company establishes a squad they shall not create another squad to make another player squad leader to gain an advantage in the battle. This is the same for rotating a squad during a round. The only time another squad shall be created is to rotate out and change the squad leader. This action shall only be allowed once per round.
    9. Enemy Main Bases are considered off limits to all personnel and spawn camping is not allowed. The essence of this rule can be summed up in the phrase "Keep the Battle on the Battlefield", the admin staff expects the player base to treat each other with respect and not engage each other in areas that they would deem unreasonalbe for themselves to be egaged in. With regards to this rule the admin staff provide the following guidelines:
      1. Terminology: Main Base Out Of Bounds refers to the area where one side is allowed to travel freely but the other team will recieve the 10 second auto kill countdown if they enter; Main Base is an area within the Main Base Out Of Bounds that is identifiable as a base of operations of sorts, typically via grouping of buildings or fenced off area; Spawns are the actual points within the main base where players spawn in.
      2. As a rule of thumb the admins expect players not to engage each other when one party is within their respective Main Base Out Of Bounds area and that once players leave their Main Base Out Of Bounds area they do not attempt to return to it in order to gain some sort of protection, once you've left it it wont protect you till you have to respawn again.
      3. Infantry. By and large infatnry players should not be engaged upon or engaging from within their Main Base Out Of Bounds area. However on some maps this is not feasible due to the close proximity of some flags to the main bases (For example, Flag F and US main on Zavod and Flag E and China main on Dawnbreaker). In these situations the admins will discuss the matter with the HCOs in the IC meeting where the map is selected so that the HCOs can inform their players of the situation prior to the battle. Admins will provide reminders of any such additonal guideines at the start of each period where those maps are in play.
      4. Land and Sea vehicles. Vehicles are allowed to engage and be engaged upon whilst they are within the Main Base Out Of Bounds as long as they are a reasonable distance away from their Spawns (on maps with a Main Base this will typically be used to judge what is the bare minimum of a reasonable distance). Whilst leniency will be given to pause for a more stable firing platform as needed, vehicles should still make haste to leave the Main Base Out Of Bounds area as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances should vehicles that are sitting empty on spawn points be engaged and no attempts should be made to breach the base to steal them.
      5. Air craft. Where aircraft spawn on the ground the above guidelines for Land and Sea vehicles will be in effect. Helicopters should gain altitude whilst leaving the base, not hover straight up before making any forward motion. On maps where aircraft spawn mid air it is a lot harder to provide hard and fast guideline as to where spawn protection ends. As such the admins expect the aircrews to show good sportsmanship and fairplay when judging what is a reasonable distance from the Spawn to engage from. Players cauight circling the opposing jet Spawn so they can flank the opposing jet as soon as it spawns (or simular) should not expect any leniency from the admin staff.
      6. Some maps either lack a Main Base Out Of Bounds over their Spawns or have assets that spawn in unusual locations (for example boats linked to main base spawning outside the out of bounds area). In these cases the admins will take into account any precedents set from previous times the map was played and the opinions of any HCOs present at the IC meeting for when the maps are announced before making a ruling on what is and isn't covered by main base rules. By default expect and plan for those areas and assets commonly thought of as 'Main Base' to be declared within a protected area.
      7. Care must be taken when using equipment that automatically targets enemies (such as SOFLAMs or AA Mines) that it is not placed in such a way that it targets vehicles within the Main Base Out Of Bounds.
      8. Where the exits to a Main Base Out Of Bounds are limited by choke points, do not place static defences (such as claymores, mines of any type, C4, etc) on said choke points.

    10. If a vehicle from the opposing team is captured then it must remain on the field of play and not be taken back to a friendly main base or other area that is out of bounds to the opposing team. It doesn't have to be kept on the front lines, every effort can be made to prevent the opposing team from retaking the asset, but it must remain in open play and not in an area where the opposing team would have to violate the main base rules to try and get it back.
    11. Players in the attack or scout helicopters may not switch seats in the helicopter, pilots and gunners/co-pilots remain in their roles during flight. Exceptions to this rule are:
      - Whilst a helicopter is on the ground seats (and roles) may be changed freely.
      - If the pilot is shot out of the helicopter, has their game crash, etc. then the gunner is allowed to switch in order to save the helicopter from crashing. Take care to observe these rules when getting the now ex-pilot back in the helicopter.
      This rule only applies to the 'attack' and 'scout' helicopters and not the 'transport' helicopters.
    12. On some maps it is possible to for people spawning in before the round countdown timer to gain an advantageous position, the following are to be considered prohibited:
      • On all maps/modes - Spawning into a jet before the countdown timer has finished.
      • On all maps/modes - Spawning in any vehicle AND then proceeding to use any method to move the vehicle forward (Such as jiggling the steering back and forth to shuffle forward) before the countdown timer has ended.
      • On Obliteration - Spawning on the parachute drop point before the countdown timer has finished.

    13. Players are not allowed to join the server in a Spectator spot as this would allow them to see the disposition of the entire battlefield and provide them with information their side is not normally privy to. At present the only people allowed in spectator spots are Admins and members of the casting team that are actively casting at the time. Players wanting to watch the battle are advised to head to the 21CW Twitch channel.

    List of Prohibited Equipment/Perks/etc:

    The following are prohibited from use on battleday:

    Reporting a rule violation, cheating, or hacking.
    1. Always gather as much evidence that you can. Especially if you feel a person is cheating or hacking. The Admin Staff cannot and will not make a judgement on either hacking or cheating without physical evidence. These things can include screenshots, videos, or any other non-anecdotal evidence you can think of.
    2. If it is a violation of a rules 2 through 11 during battle, immediately inform your superiors. They will then inform the HCOs, who will inform the Admin Staff. The Admins will then take the appropriate actions necessary to enforce the rule.
    3. If you feel someone is hacking/cheating, gather evidence as described above. Then present that evidence to your HCO staff. They will then move it up the Chain of Command to the Admins to investigate and judge on.

    Penalties for Battleday Rules Violations:

    Below is a list of potential penalties that the admins may hand out for any rules violations on battleday (this list is not exhaustative and may be added to if needed), listed from least to most severe.
    Also included are examples of what rules violation each might be applied upon, but take note that these are just the default penalty for breaking that particular rule. The admins take each situation on a case by case basis and may be more lenient (for example if it is a new player who is unfamiliar with the rules) or more harsh (for example repeat offenders or if the rule was broken in a particularly severe manner) as the circumstances dictate.
    Multiple punishments may also be combined depending on the circumstances.

    Admin warning to an individual:
    More often than not given out alongside other punishments rather than being given out on it's own. Individual players will have their warning clearly communicated to them by an admin, any HCOs online at the time will be informed and the warning will be noted in the 'Wall of Shame' channel on TS.
    The admins expect warnings to be heeded and any player already warned who continues to violate the rules can expect harsher punishments than those who haven't been warned.
    Typically handed out for: Most rules violations.

    Admin warning to an entire division:
    If numerous players from the same side have broken the same rule then the admins may give a warning to the enitre team. This will be given out over all chat on team speak to the division in question, after which every player in that division will be considered warned for the rest of the battleday and will be treated as ignoring an admin warning if the same rule is violated again. The warning will be noted on the 'Wall of Shame' and it is the duty of the division as a whole to inform any members that arrive to battle after the warning that they have been served notice.
    Typically handed out for: Repeated offences by a team.

    Kick from the server:
    The player is kicked from the server. No further action.
    Typically handed out for: Minor infractions, for example clearly accidental all chat, 'heat of the moment' firing into / out of main base.

    Banned till the end of the current round:
    Player is kicked from the server and not allowed to rejoin till after the current round has ended.
    Typically handed out for: Clearly intentional all chat, 'pre-meditated' firing into/out of main base.

    Banned till the end of the current quarter:
    Player is kicked from the server and not allowed to rejoin until the current quarter has ended.
    Typically handed out for: Exploting glitches, repeated minor violations.

    Banned for the rest of the battle:
    Player is kicked from server and not allowed to rejoin for the remainder of the day.
    Typically handed out for: Repeated major violations, especially if already warned by admins.

    Forfeiture of rounds:
    In addition to punishments for the individual player, the players team may lose a number of rounds they won for that battle which may effect whether or a not a quarter is won or lost (in the event that the team has no rounds to take away an alternative penalty, such as forfeiture of a campaign map territory, may be used). This penalty is only applied to the most greivous rules violations and to hand out this punishment the admins must have either witnessed the offence in question themselves or been provided with sufficient evidence to validate it's occurence (for example screenshots, video recording, audio recording, etc). The penalty may be handed out immediatly in extrememe circumstances but will typicaly be handed out after the battleday has finished when the admins have had time to give any evidence due consideration.
    Typically handed out for: Severe rules violations, typically repeated major violations combined with ignoring admin warnings.

    Additional tournament punishments
    Severe battleday rules violations may also incur further penalties beyond the battle in question, for example tournment strikes, loss of rank, temporary bans from the tournament or even being banned from the tournament permanently.

    21st Century Warfare reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time and an Administrator's word is final.
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    Re: 21CW Basic Rules - The rules every player need to know to play here.


    Last Edit: 24th November 2013 - C44

    General Rules
    1. All registered 21CW players are required to use correct tags in TeamSpeak. That means: [DIVISIONTAG]COMPANY|RANK.Nickname example: [5MAD]PVT|Lcpl.Kangoo
    2. 21CW player's Nicknames are limited to their in-game name, or a shortened version of their in-game name. Example:[5MAD]AF|Sgt.JimmyTheKiller can be shortened to [5MAD]AF|Sgt.Jimmy. No extra characters, clan tags, nor changes are allowed without expressed permission of the admin staff.
    3. All registered 21CW players may only change their nickname if they have earned a rank, changed divisions or companies. If it's between campaigns players can wear the appropriate tags from prior campaigns. Your player name must be visible at all times and not accompanied by unrelated rhetoric.
    4. Each division has their own locked (password) section of TeamSpeak. The password for those sections shall be known to only members of those divisions and the administrators. Generals have the right to change these passwords to ensure proper security in their channels, but they must inform the administration before any such change. Passwords will be applied the Sunday before the first battle.
    5. After the channels the passwords are applied, players are not allowed to be in the opposing side's channels. If you wish to chat with players from the other team, do so in the Demilitarized zone or in one of the Public channels found at the bottom of TeamSpeak.
    6. New channel sections shall not be created by anyone except the administrators. High commanding officer staff are allowed to create sub-channels within their divisional channel family with admin approval. Excessive creation of sub-channels is not allowed.
    7. If you hear someone’s communications from another division it is your obligation to let a divisional officer and/or administrator know of the situation. You may not deceptively listen in to another division’s communications.
    8. Disrespectful, vulgar, or offensive communications will not be tolerated over TeamSpeak. What constitutes these types of communications is very difficult to define. The decision lies within the division officers or administrators. They must review the context, issue, and people involved in the situation. As our tournament is open to players from a wide variety of ages & backgrounds, a good rule of thumb is to keep your communications at the same level you would see in a PG movie.
    9. Outright racial or purposely hateful comments will not be tolerated at all.
    10. Abuse of the TS whisper, poke, or chat functions to harass anyone on the 21CW TS server is forbidden. If you feel you are being harassed via pokes or whispers, gather what evidence you can and pass it on to your HCO staff and/or the Admin Staff. Recordings and screenshots work best as evidence. Please do not respond, especially in a hostile manner that might enflame the situation, as you yourself might also be penalised for the same reasons.

    21st Century Warfare reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time and an Administrator's word is final.
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    Section 1 - Strikes/Conduct Unbecoming

    Section IV - Strikes/Conduct Unbecoming

    1. Strikes
    Regarding rule violations, 21st Century Warfare uses a three strikes policy. If you receive three strikes in one campaign, you will be suspended for the rest of that campaign. If severe enough the IC or TC may prolong the suspension for an extended period of time, or even enforce a permanent ban.

    Tournament & Divisional Strikes compound, or stack, with each other.
    Example : If you receive two divisional strikes and one tournament strike in a single campaign, you will be suspended for the remainder of that campaign or longer if deemed necessary by the IC.

    • Tournament Strikes
      • A Tournament Strike is issued only by the Tournament Administration for any violation of tournament rules or gross misconduct.
      • Generals may request an administrator to issue a tournament strike if warranted.
      • Tournament Strikes last for a variable length on time, determined on a case by case basis by the admins. Each strike is typically reviewed between campaigns.

    • Divisional Strikes
      • Only the General may issue a Divisional Strike. The division's officer corps may recommend a player to be issued a divisional strike. Ultimately it's the responsibility of the General to issue the strike.
      • A Divisional Strike may be issued for any violation of the tournament rules or divisional rules or gross misconduct.
      • Divisional Strikes expire at the end of the current campaign.

    2. Conduct Unbecoming
    Defined as:
    • Gross violation of any applicable tournament rule
    • any act that would call into question the integrity of a member of the community.

    If an Officer is found guilty of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer the consequences will be as follows:
    • The offending Officer will receive 2 Tournament Strikes. One of which will be reset at the end of the offending campaign.
    • The offending Officer will be demoted to to the lowest rank above recruit in their army, and remain at that rank until the end of the current campaign.
    • The offending Officer also will not hold an Officer rank the following campaign.
    • If the offending Officer is a member of a specialty company, that officer will be removed from their specialty company and placed in a line company for the remainder of the current campaign.
    • If the offense is after the mid way point of the current campaign the strikes will carry over into the next campaign. The offending Officer will not be allowed to hold an Officer rank for the current campaign nor the 2 campaigns that follow.
    • Depending on the severity of the offense, the offending Officer may be removed from the Tournament for a period of time determined by the Admin Staff. This period of time could be as little as a campaign all the way up to a permanent ban.

    We hold our members and Officers to a high standard and the consequences are severe for not adhering to that standard. As an Officer in this tournament you will lead by example, or you will not be an Officer.

    3. Exceptions/Clarifications on the Up or Out Rule
    • The exception to the "Up or Out" rule is if a player doesn't serve a complete campaign in a position. For example, if someone steps down prior to the end of a campaign, or takes over for another person during a campaign.
    • Admins will monitor players to make sure they do not abuse the system. If we think someone is trying to take advantage of the exceptions they will be issued Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and demoted to Private for 2 complete campaigns.
    • An outgoing General cannot hold an officer or above position the campaign immediately following his/her Generalship.

    21st Century Warfare reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time and an Administrator's word is final.
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    Re: 21CW Advanced Rules - Campaign Rules, Crash Procedures, etc.

    Section V - Battle Procedures

    Last update: 8th September 2014 - Updated for C47

    21st Century Warfare has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This SOP includes basic battle week procedures, battle day procedures, and battlefield rules.

    NOTE: Situations may arise that the rules and procedures do not cover. Under these circumstances the administration will make a decision. That decision is final and cannot be appealed. Such a situation may cause a review of the current rules, thus resulting in the modification, addition, or removal of rules by the IC or TC.

    Battle Week Procedures

    21CW uses the Eastern Standard Time (GMT - 5) for the official tournament time. Whenever Daylight Savings is in effect, all information within the forums stating EST (GMT -5) is meant to be EDT (GMT -4).
    The following is the normal schedule for a typical battle week:
    • Sunday: 2:00 PM EST - IC meeting with the division staffs and tournament administration. IC meetings may include the announcement of battle results and any necessary tournament discussion. Map is announced during this meeting
    • Sunday: Any necessary battle completions
    • Monday: Practices
    • Tuesday: Practices
    • Wednesday: Practices
    • Thursday: Practices
    • Friday: Practices
    • Saturday: Weekly Battle - 1200 EST

    Occasionally this schedule will not be adhered to 100%. Deviations from this schedule should only occur in exceptional circumstances and if needed the admin staff will make every effort to keep the community informed at all times.

    The tournament follows the United States Federal Holiday schedule. The campaign will be altered as needed if any holidays fall within the campaign schedule.

    Battle Procedures
    1. The Battle Environment - All battles will occur on multiple Battlefield 4 maps. The map parameters and loadouts may vary.
    2. The Battle Server - The battle will occur on one server with two opposing divisions. If any additional divisions are added then a second battle server will be used, or a second battle scheduled.
    3. Battles consists of 4 periods (quarters) of 90 minutes each. Rounds in play as the time limit is reached will be finished, however as each period draws to a close a new round will only be started if there are at least 10 minutes left in the period and the new round would have an effect on the outcome of the quarter. For example:
      • Teams A and B are tied 2-2 and when the round ends there is only 5 minutes till the scheduled end of the period. No new round will commence, the quarter will be declared a tie.
      • Team A leads Team B 2-1 and the round ends when there is 13 minutes left in the scheduled period. When the round start countdown is taken into account there is still more than 10 minutes left in the period and the result of the round could change the outcome from a Team A victory to a tie, so a new round will commence.
      • Team A leads Team B 4-0 and the round ends with 15 minutes left in the period. Although there is time for another round to begin the admins may use their discretion to call an early end to the period as the result is already decided. Typically in these situations the admins will consult the HCOs of each army present as to their wishes, but the admins will make the final call.

    4. Between each period there will be a 15 minute break, with an extended break of 30 minutes at half time. Depending on the circumstances of the day the breaks maybe extended (for example if a period finishes a little early, the break maybe extended so as to start the next period on schedule rather than early) or reduced (for example if there have been delays in the battle which are substantially effecting the schedule) at the discretion of the admins as needs require.
    5. Each period is worth two campaign points. If a period is split, each division will gain one campaign point.
    6. Divisions are allowed a maximum of thirty players in Conquest, 24 in Rush, 24 in Obliteration, on any battle server at any given time, with two slots on each side reserved for admins.
    7. When loading reinforcements onto the battle server the player being replaced must disconnect before the replacement soldier can connect.
    8. Divisions are not allowed to use their own TeamSpeak server unless approved by the Tournament Administration or 21CW TeamSpeak is down.
    9. Players aren't allowed in the opposing division's TeamSpeak channels during battle. The only time this action can be justified is if a tournament administrator is not available. If an HCO must enter the opponent's channels, he/she must announce his/her presence immediately upon entry.
    10. The spectator slots are reserved for the use of 21CW, DO NOT jump into one without expressed permission to do so.
    11. Only players with the 21CW rank of Private or higher are eligible to play on battle day. All 21CW members must attend Basic Training, which includes 21CW history, rules and why we play the way we do.

    Battle Scoring
    • The HCOs from each army are responsible for accurately reporting the score in the relevant scoreboard thread.
    • The score needs to be recorded ASAP after the end of a round.
    • The following scoring systems will be used for each game mode:
      • Conquest - The team that has the most tickets left at the end of a round wins that round. Periods/quarters are decided by who has won the most rounds.
      • Rush - For each round the team that is attacking will receive one point for each MCOM they destroy and they defenders will receive one point for each MCOM they have still intact at the end of the round (For example, on a map with 4 waves of 2 MCOMs for a total of 8, if the attackers destroy 3 MCOMs they will score 3 and the defenders score 5). A bonus point is awarded to attackers who destroy all MCOMs and defenders who do not lose any MCOMs in a round. Periods are decided by which team has accumulated the most points.
      • Obliteration - Teams are awarded one point for each enemy MCOM/Objective they destroy. If a team destroys all the opposing objectives in a single round then they earn a bonus point. Periods are decided by which team has accumulated the most points.

    • Any Army forfeits a Period will be docked 1 Campaign Point per Period forfeit.

    Teamspeak & Battle Server Crash Procedures
    1. If the 21CW-provided TeamSpeak goes down, for any reason, the round currently being played will be completed and counted if fifty percent of the tickets are gone. Any following rounds won't be considered live until one of the following occurs:
      • A backup TeamSpeak server is supplied and all parties move to it.
      • Divisions move to their own backup TeamSpeak servers and provide the administration proper access to these servers.
      • The 21CW TeamSpeak server comes back online.

    2. Upon a TeamSpeak crash, divisions will be given roughly five minutes to get their divisions sorted before going live. This time will not be counted as down time or be credited for battle extension.
    3. If the battle server crashes during a round at any time, and more than half the tickets are gone and there is a greater than 100 ticket difference, the round will be awarded to the side with the most tickets. In any other case the round will be declared a tie or null/void as appropriate
    4. Any battle round that has started will be played until completion and the score counted regardless of battle finish time passing.
    5. When a battle server crash occurs each division will be given a reasonable amount of time (at the administration's discretion) to load their troops back onto the battle server and reorganize.
    6. If a server crash is persistent and results in lost fighting time, the administration will take action to extend the battle day for that duration of time. Such an action will only happen if the time is less than one hour being added to the battle. This means that a battle will be extended to no later than 1:00 AM EST.
    7. If the total time lost throughout the day due to excessive server failures is more than one hour but less than four hours, then the administration will consult with the generals who were fighting at that time for a possible battle extension. That extra time will be setup for the following Sunday, beginning around 12:00 PM EST.
    8. If there are enough delays during battle that are in excess of five hours, the battle will be declared dead. In this situation the battle will be rescheduled as needed. Any remaining time will be fought. Any rounds played will be counted and will count toward the battle's results.

    21st Century Warfare reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time and an Administrator's word is final.
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    Re: 21CW Advanced Rules - Campaign Rules, Crash Procedures, etc.

    SECTION VI - Campaign Rules

    Last Update: 8th September. As the majority of this post is going to be edited the standard practice of highlighting most recent edits in gold wont be used.

    'Back to Basics' System (Campaign 47)

    1. The campaign will last 12 weeks, with one battle being played each week on saturdays. Depending on national holidays or other circumstances there may be pauses in the campaign, these will be clearly communicated by the admin staff.
    2. By default the map pool for a campaign consists of every map currently available for BF4, including any released via DLC. Before the campaign starts the Generals will be given the oppotunity to discuss and modify the map pool to an extent. For the current campaign (C47) the following changes were agreed upon:
      • Dragon Pass is removed from the map pool due to concerns about it being too strongly biased to one side.

    3. Maps picks will be chosen by each armies General (or their representative if absent) in the preceding weeks IC Meeting. The General that won the previous weeks battle will get to pick first and will also decide (after hearing the other Generals pick) if they want their map to be played in the 1st and 3rd periods or 2nd and 4th. In the case of the previous weeks battle being a draw then the current campaign leader will have first pick; in the case of that also being a tie then the first pick will alternate to the team that did not have it in the previous week.
    4. Each map can only be selected to be played once per campaign, regardless of which General picked it. However each General is given a Wildcard that can be used once to select a map that has already been played in the campaign. A Wildcard cannot be used to select the same map as the other General in a week, so that there is only one map played that week.
    5. As outlined above in Section V each battle period is worth 2 Campaign Points to the victor (split in the event of a tie) with the overall battle winner being the team that scored the most Campaign Points.
    6. The overall campaign victor will be the team that accumalates the most Campaign Points over the course of the campaign. As such the campaign will continue until one of the following occurs:
      • One team has accumalated a large enough lead that is mathematically impossible for the other team to catch them in the remaining battles on the campaign schedule. At this point said team will be declared the winner. If this point is reached in mid battle then the rest of the battle will still be played out.
      • All the battles on the campaign schedule have been played. At this point the faction with the most campaign points will be declared the victor. In the event that there is a tie then one more round will be immediately played on the same map as the previous period. The winner of this round will be declared the overall winner of the campaign.

    21st Century Warfare reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time and an Administrator's word is final.
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    Re: 21CW Advanced Rules - Campaign Rules, Crash Procedures, etc.

    SECTION VII - TEAMSPEAK 3 Permissions & Rules

    TeamSpeak Admin Right & Rules
    1. Server Admin (S) is granted only to 21CWstaff. And select others determined by the admin staff.
    2. (O), (S), AND (C) permissions will be handed out by 21CW Admin staff to the appropriate people.
    3. Operator Admin (O) shall only to be given to Generals and their HCO staff. (O) will be given to the General and their HCO staff in the Main Lobby, the Public Channels and their respect army channels. Generals will also have (O) in the opposing army's channels for communication purposes with the opposing General. Special privileges will be granted to outgoing Generals and administrators (one campaign after they were in these positions) and those deemed necessary by the Internal Coordinator and the tournament owners (due to helping the development of the tourney for instance). (O) is ONLY to be given by an administrator on duty.
    4. Channel Admin (C) shall only be given out to those equivalent of Captain, First Lieutenant, and Second Lieutenant. Company commanders (Captain) may have (C) rights in all channels of their division. Executive officers (1Lt) and secondary officers (2Lt) are only allowed to have (C) in their respective company channel. Channel Admin (C) will be granted by tournament administrators.
    5. When kicking someone from your channel, if they outrank you (including adminstrators), you may not kick them unless they're away from keyboard or request you to do so. The privilege system in TeamSpeak 3 addresses this issue because the ability to kick is respective to the Chain of Command. If you are having problems with a person that outranks you and is in your channel, you must see a divisional officer or administrator. Do not take matters into your own hands.
    6. Nobody but adminstrators on duty is to ban anyone from the server.
    7. Administrators are allowed to change the rules above at any given time without prior notice.
    8. Use of anything deemed inappropriate by the admin staff, be it speech, text or image including leaving messages is forbidden
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    Re: 21CW Advanced Rules - Campaign Rules, Crash Procedures, etc.

    Section VIII - Admin Information & Duties

    1. The [21CW] 21st Century Warfare administration's function is to provide fair, unbiased direction for the tournament and its membership. The administration are here to ensure the tournament operates smoothly, assist in divisional functions when needed, and provide unbiased support to the 21CW membership.
    2. The Internal Coordinator (IC) oversees everything with the tournament. He/She holds the ultimate vote for decision-making.
    3. The Tournament Chairman (TC) deals directly with the tournament administration in the day-to-day processes. He/She has the same decision making capability when the Internal Coordinator is not available.
    4. The Tournament Administrators (TA) deal directly with the day-to-day processes of the tournament. Tournament administrators are the main problem solvers for tournament members. In the absence of the IC and TC, they hold the ultimate vote in decision-making.
    5. Any administrator has the right to serve and enforce any punishment to any player of the tournament for any reasonable infraction.
    6. When playing in battles, there are a specific number of slots reserved for administrators. This number does not cut into the allotted amount of players per division. Administrators will play on the side with lower numbers if applicable. An Administrator will change sides during a round if one side becomes down by more than 2 players for more than 3 minutes.
    7. Administrators actively work to avoid influencing the daily divisional operations unless a situation, as deemed by the administration, requires interjection by an administrator.
    8. If there is an incident not covered by this rulebook the administration involved has the authority to make a decision. Players may appeal decisions that are not covered by this rulebook. The player must submit a formal argument to the IC. A decision that is based off this book cannot be appealed.
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