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More Rules:
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Forum Rules
21CW Community Rules in simple language
The 21CW Community Rules can be summed up in one simple rule.

Be Respectful of Others.
These rules apply anywhere related to 21CW. Facebook, Battlelog, the Forums, TeamSpeak, etc.
You represent all of us, ensure you do it well.

  1. We are all here to have fun. Don't be that guy/girl.
  2. The forums have a maximum rating for all content. Example content ratings from our largest population's countries are below:
    • Belgium - KNT/ENA
    • Canada - 14A
    • The Netherlands - 12
    • UK - 15
    • US - PG13
  3. Don't do anything illegal. Posting, linking, discussing, PMing, Emailing, or uploading all count under this heading. And anything we've forgotten.
  4. No politics, religion, pornography, racism, foul language.
  5. No advertisement without approval from the Administration. It will be deleted immediately.
  6. 1 account per person. If you live with someone else who is a member here, contact an Admin or Ambassador.
  7. Don't spam in the forums or via PMs.
  8. Don't flame or harass others.
  9. Don't post personal information. 21st Century Warfare will not use your personal information, period.
  10. Observe copyright laws. Don't post or link to any copyrighted content.
  11. We are primarily a gaming community. Anything related to cheating in online games will be deleted. Any member of our community caught cheating in an online game will be banned for 1 year or more.
  12. Keep your signatures under control, <=300pix tall at 1360x768.
  13. If you feel a post/thread violates a rule, reporting it is easy. Just click that icon. Don't abuse this feature.

If you have a post or thread deleted, investigate prior to reacting. Talk to an Ambassador, Admin, Moderator, or Divisional Officer if you're in the tournament.

The Administration can make a ruling on any case, whether it is in these rules, the official rules, or if there is no specific rule addressing the situation. We reserve the right to adjust them at any time to meet the needs of the community.

Unfortunately some people refuse to obey these simple rules. If you need to see the full long-winded rules please use the drop-down box in the upper right to select the Official Community rules.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the 21st Century Warfare rules.