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    by Published on 05-04-2014 07:27 PM
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    Thanks to all who attended the opening ceremonies today! Below you will find minutes & recordings of the meeting and it's Q/A session afterward. The minutes aren't necessarily in the same order as in the meeting.

    Recordings can be found HERE and the short Q/A session HERE .

    • Hall of fame inductees
      1. We are 2/3 of the way through our list of former ICs. Within 9 months a democratic process will be opened to induct new members into the Hall.
      2. Overkill: IC who oversaw the transition from 1942 to BF2. Saw to the creation of the 21CW mod for BF2.
      3. Snipe: IC during the majority of 21CW's BF2 era until around the ownership forced transition to FFoW.
      4. DWillis: IC during the rocky period of FFoW and back into BF2.
      5. BigBoy: IC during the transition to BFBC2.

    • Campaign 46 rules information
      1. No changes to the banned equipment for C46. UCAV/Active RADAR weapons/STAFF shell/EOD bot on Rush are all still prohibited.
      2. No Carrier Assault until AT LEAST after the next patch. Is too unstable for us to play.
      3. Siege of Shanghai & Lost Island will not be played because of lag issues.
      4. Divisional battles will be hard limited to 25/side + 1 commander. There will be published goals to achieve to increase the size of the Divisional battles.
        1. After week 1, there will be no 7 flag maps played during Divisional battles.

      5. During the campaign, discussions on campaign/tournament discussions are closed. They will reopen towards the end of the campaign.

    • 21CW Support teams
      1. I am currently shaking up admin team assignments. Other than Max, JB, and Duke, all the other admins will be changing the teams they're responsible for. Look for a post coming this week stating who is responsible for what.
      2. PR/Newspaper team - Looking for artists/writers. Also looking for a player team lead. Please PM if interested.
      3. Web Development team - As IC, I no longer have the time to work on the site as I'd like. So I will be putting together a team under an admin to take the site in the direction I want.
        1. Some folks have already PM'd me, you will be getting information during this week.
        2. Others, please wait until we have an admin lead announced and PM him/her.
        3. Have a bunch of coders, really, really need designers. If you are a designer, PM me.

      4. Recruiting team - Tasked with small Divisional level every week or so. And big tournament events once or twice a campaign.
        1. PLEASE PM the recruiting lead when announced this week. DO NOT PM me your interest in this.

      5. Stream/Casting team - Responsible for anything related to video at 21CW.
        1. Contact MyCatsDied if interested in learning to cast/stream, or just interested in casting & streaming.
        2. Looking for a player lead, please contact lead admin when announced on Wednesday.

      6. Tools team - Responsible for developing tools for the use of 21CW, scoreboard, roster, etc.
        1. Currently use C# and .net. Please contact Max if interested in helping and you have time. (Unlke Superfly )

      7. 21CW Training Academy - Set up to teach leadership, tactics, and strategy to play games organized.
        1. I am looking for instructors will to develop, teach, and write lessons for the academy.
        2. Please PM ME if interested. Help me take this from step 1 to step 2 and beyond.

      8. Ambassadors - Are a group of long-term 21CW members who have agreed to put the interests of 21CW first. Over team, company, squad, faction. Signified by a UN icon in the forums & TS.
        1. They have 4 roles.
        2. First, they are ambassadors for 21CW to new members. They patrol the Intro and New Member p2p forums, contacting new folks via PM. They assist with navigating the forums, getting folks inducted into Divisions, etc.
        3. They are ambassadors from the community TO the admin staff. Exist as an out of CoC method for info to get to the admins. If your CoC isn't getting your concern addressed, contact an ambassador. Doesn't matter which side they are on.
        4. They are ambassadors from the admins to YOU. They attend IC meetings, have access to the admins. They usually know the whys behind decisions as much as HCOs. Feel free to approach them if you have a concern about an admin ruling, decision, or anything of that nature.
        5. Finally, the are arbiters in the Grievance system. More info on this below.
        6. If interested, they are looking for new members. Primarily from the SCO, but looking for NATO too. Use the application in the forum sidebar.

    • Grievance system
      1. Is a method to get personal conflicts or incidents w/o clear evidence resolved. Also a potential path for appealing admin rulings & decisions.
      2. Full details and examples will be published this week.
      3. There will be a forum to post potential grievances, only you, the admins, and the ambassador lead will see your threads/posts in this forum. They will do a cursory review to sort out spurious/fake submissions.
      4. 2 Ambassadors will be assigned to the investigate and rule on the grievance. Their will be an ambassador or admin assigned to act as a mediator/tie breaker if the ambassadors cannot reach an agreement.
      5. Ambassadors who are HCOs will not be assigned to grievances involving their opponents.
      6. Ambassadors will have a range of punishments to mete out. Max being a 1 day battle ban and/or a Tournament strike.
      7. If an admin decision is appealed, the ambassador's decision will be final. Their will be no further appeal.
      8. Admins will have zero involvement in the appeals of administration decisions other than to provide the evidence & reasons behind their ruling. The rest of the process will be completely conducted by the ambassadors.

    • The Raffle
      1. This campaign we will be holding a raffle for a prize of $200 USD!
      2. To be eligible for a ticket for this raffle, you MUST attend half the available battles in Campaign 46. You can be in battle, or active in the waiting room until slots open in battle.
      3. There are 20 battles scheduled for campaign 46. 16 Divisional battles & 4 Factional ones. So you must attend 10 minimum to be eligible. Ensure your COs know you are on so you can be tracked.
      4. If you are interested in funding this prize, either to add more or defray the costs of the folks who have brought this idea up, please contact ME.
      5. If we can get more money, we will be doing more raffles for different prizes. EG $75 raffle with a ticket for each battle you attend.
      6. We will be announcing this publicly soon. On reddit and on other sites, until then please keep this w/in the community.
      7. Once we announce it, we will need all hands on deck for the next 2-3 days in TS & the forums. We will need people to meet, greet, and help new folks coming in. Also upvoting in on reddit and other places.
      8. This is a HUGE opportunity to expand 21CW, so please help us out.
      9. Again, if interested in helping assist in funding this contact me. Even if you can't fund until next month, please let me know NOW so we can plan.

    That should be all the major things covered in the meeting. If not, listen to the recording to snag anything I missed. It can be found HERE and the short Q/A session HERE .
    by Published on 12-19-2013 03:25 AM
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    You can now apply for the position of General in C45!

    You can either use the form embedded in the post HERE. Or go to THIS LINK to fill out the form.
    by Published on 11-17-2013 11:36 PM
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    Friday November 22nd, 2013 @ 1600 EST

    [usarmy]8th Infantry Division[/usarmy], reinforced by the [ch]1st Amphibious Mechanized Infantry Division[/ch]


    [rus]7th Cherkassy Airbourne Division, reinforced by the [usmc]5th Marine Regiment[/usmc]

    Fighting over

    Hainan Resort & Lancang Dam

    Saturday November 23rd, 2013 @ 1300 EST

    [ch]1st Amphibious Mechanized Infantry Division[/ch], reinforced by the [usarmy]8th Infantry Division[/usarmy]


    [usmc]5th Marine Regiment[/usmc], reinforced by the [rus]7th Cherkassy Airbourne Division[/rus]

    Fighting over

    Siege of Shanghai & Paracel Storm

    Please note the changed time for the Friday battle.

    We will be playing both Rush & Obliteration this week.

    by Published on 11-10-2013 01:23 PM
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    Friday November 15th, 2013 @ 1500 EST

    [usmc]5th Marine Regiment[/usmc], reinforced by the [ch]1st Amphibious Mechanized Infantry Division[/ch]


    [usarmy]8th Infantry Division[/usarmy]
    by Published on 10-20-2013 06:59 PM
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    For those who missed the meeting, the recordings are next. The text minutes/summary follows. The meetings lasted approximately 45-50m.

    by Published on 10-20-2013 05:29 PM
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    With the announcement of the Beta Campaign Divisions we must talk about what and when we will be doing things!

    First the dates:
    • October 29th - Registration Opens
    • November 2nd - 21CW Pub/Recruiting Competition
    • November 3rd - Beta Campaign Official Opening Ceremonies
    by Published on 10-20-2013 05:01 PM
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    The Beta Campaign leadership has been chosen! This campaign will be a free for all between:

    Col. Juno - 1st Amphibious Mechanized Infantry Division[AMID] of the People's Liberation Army
    Col. Fengard - 7th Cherkassy Airborne Division [7CAD] of the Russian Army
    Col. CanopenerMeat - 8th Infantry Division [8ID] of the United States Army
    Col. Kaiser - 5th Marine Regiment of the United States Marine Corps

    Congrats, Good Luck, and Thank You for stepping up!