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Step 1 - Divisional Sign-In

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Quote Originally Posted by [7CAD]COL.Fengard View Post
All recruits, including new recruits and returning vets, must post in this thread and wait for assignment to a company. We will try to honor your preference, but numbers must be spread across the entire division.

Once assigned, your post will be updated and you and your company commander will receive a PM regarding your assignment.

In order to be properly assigned to your company, you must:

1) Sign-in below with the requested information.

2) Check back here for your assignment. We'll do our best to assign you within 24 hours.

3) Sign-in to your company.

If you wish to be assigned to our Armor or Air Force companies, please post up your desire to do so. You will be assigned to an Infantry Company to start with, but both groups will have a tryouts regularly for membership. You are able to sign up under the special company's try-out thread in their forums.

Copy and paste the following into your reply. You will be notified both in this thread and via a Private Message about your assignment as quickly as possible.

In Game Name: (Use your battlelog name so we can easily find and friend people on Battlelog) XXXVaporXXX
Time Zone:EST
If you're new, how did you find 21CW?:Returning member I have been on a 3 year leave.
Something About Yourself:I work in the HVAC mechanical industry and attending college for a degree in Professional Aeronautic.
Play-Style: [ie:Armor, Eng, Medic, Infantry, Air Force (Fixed Wing/Rotary Wing)] Rotary Wing
Requested Company Assignment: (Please state why you request this specific unit): Air wing
- 1st choice:
- Alternative choice:

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  1. WaywardGrizzly's Avatar
    In Game Name: WaywardGrizzly
    Time Zone: PST
    If you're new, how did you find 21CW?: Reddit
    Something About Yourself: I'm currently a student in high school and am looking to get into Battlefield (this is my first one of the series).
    Play-Style:Medic, Infantry, Recon (best at Recon)
    Requested Company Assignment: (Please state why you request this specific unit): Not sure what to put here...
    - 1st choice: Land? Recon/Assult
    - Alternative choice: Land? Support?