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  1. Mick!!! How u doing bro? And yes that's right bro I have never sat out good to see u again bro been a while
  2. This must be the first campaign you have sat out in a long time REBEL..........if ever.
  3. REBEL, Monk3y and Danger all in the UN?

    That's like a police force consisting of Starsky and Hutch + Clint Eastwood.
  4. No I won't be back yet, my life is being ***** slapped by the hand of fate when I'm not dying of boredom something terrible will probably happen after I move house in January I should have a better idea of when I will be back on JO and where my life will be going for the next few years.
  5. Hey Mick where the hell u been bro?
    Are you joiningg us next campaign?
    come onback things have changed alot be fun to fight beside u again
  6. Well done REBEL, looks like you dished your revenge to the whole Red Army last campaign, I'm glad I'm not your enemy.....
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