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  1. The underwear rule was a disgrace. The deal was, if one army had more numbers than the other, the army with more people had to ask some of their players to leave the server. Of course, I left the server as unit CO before any of my guys did and tried to direct the battle from TS, but every time one of my troopers were asked to sit out, I wanted to bash some heads.

    You could say, this was probably the worst decision ever made in the history of gaming. Some of the idiots who were in favor of this are still here playing with no shame.

    I mean, how the hell can you show your face after you just took such a cowardly way out? To be fair, many people on the other army were very uncomfortable and did not want this...but it was rammed through with the same thoughtless short-sightedness that rules decision making today.
  2. "I really hope we won't be re-visiting the 10-underwears rule in some disguised form."

    So what happened there VII?

    EDIT: lmao at the Underwear rule, that's like needing an appointment to play.

    Mick - "Yeah I can't get in game"
    UN Member - "Have you paid your $5 to join an army?"
    Mick - "Yes"
    UN Member - "Have you been assigned a unit?"
    Mick - "Yes"
    UN Member - "Have you restarted your computer?"
    Mick - "........Yes"
    UN Member - "Are you wearing your army tags?"
    Mick - "YES"
    UN Member - "Final question. Have you booked an appointment?"
    Mick - "WHAT?"
    UN Member - "I'll take that as a No, the next available appointment is 2300 GMT, until then pubbie at will. Goodbye"
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