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  1. thank you sir...will do
  2. Happy Birthday Rog, hope you will have a great day :ddr:
  3. hi Gero... Thank you...I'm glad you like also helps me remember which map is which old?
  4. .... the presentation of your new created maps are just superb, very well done Big Rog
  5. Uuuuujaah Im the first one here .... very hot .... :smug:

    Happy Birthday old Rog and have a nice day
  6. Happy birthday to youuuuu and my best wishes across the big pond and I hope you have a nice day and night :rock::Banane27:
  7. I'm happy I wont have to dodge them anymore
  8. Waiting for the go from General Hit. Sitting between the armies and just quit Dangers army cos I wont look to their map recon. So relax my stinger cant catch you next Sunday :-)
  9. coming ? but your tags...I'm confused...were you gone ?
  10. naaaah not going .....Im coming :-)
  11. sad to see you go my friend...
  12. oh yes ! very good fight...
    it was good to have my hydras find you...and yes I did smile...I suspected you did the same when your stingers ripped my behind
  13. Heh mate what a fight yesterday was a good fun. You hunted with the attacking chopper and as I catched you with the stinger I felt you smiling. But then you came back with an assisting flare man and you hunted for me. Few min later one of your rockets hits me down and I guess that was the time you saw me smiling ... cos I did.
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