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    by Published on 09-29-2013 06:16 PM
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    I broke the meeting into 2 separate recordings. Right-click, save link as to download them and be able to rewind, pause, etc.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    There weren't any questions during the meeting. Please feel free to ask them here if you have any. I will be gathering all questions from here and make an answer thread on Wednesday to answer those questions.
    by Published on 09-26-2013 02:38 AM

    Howdy folks, my name is Dogma. I will be the Internal Coordinator here at 21CW for the near future, after that I don't know. It all depends on how my plans work out, we shall see.

    A little background for those who don't know me. I have been here at 21CW for about 8 years now. I have literally held every position we have available within the tournament. I have been Lead Mapper, Lead Dev (twice), TA, TC, General (twice), and all other positions in between. When 21CW won its freedom from MyIS I became one of the owners of it, and since then I have been the person who oversees our finances and manages our servers. I have a huge amount of experience and passion for this place.

    Those who don't ...
    by Published on 09-22-2013 12:50 PM
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    Ladies and Gentlemen of 21st Century Warfare. It is with great sadness that I announce the resignation of IC Chillumbaba. He has decided to explore new opportunities to him and we wish him a safe journey where ever life takes him. With that said, we must find a replacement for Chillum, which we have. I am pleased to announce, long time member of 21CW and contributor, Dogma as our new IC. He will bring years of experience to the Tournament Staff, and he will implement new policies, ideas, and direction for the tournament.

    When 21CW had a mod, Dogma was one of our past Lead Developers. He volunteered his time and abilities to the tournament to help make this place better. Dogma has once again decided to volunteer his time and abilities to help guide the direction of our Tournament Staff and help us gear up for Battlefield 4. Dogma will continue to manage the finances for the tournament as well as train new Admins, select Generals for our BF4 Beta Campaign and decide how we play BF4.

    ~ Snipe - Owner - 21st Century Warfare.
    by Published on 09-21-2013 09:39 AM
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    While we were down, I took the opportunity to apply some upgrades I had waiting in the wings. Applying these fixes are what extended out downtime so much. Let me take you through a tour of the new features!

    First if you look in the upper part of the forums, you will see we have a new icon for the site. And a new slogan for the upcoming BF4 era.

    You will also notice that the old themes are no longer present. We have installed and updated 3 newer more modern theme. They are classified in 3 categories, Dark, Medium, and Light.

    Dark & Light were externally created, but aren't fully adapted to the latest most secure version of vB. You can do everything w/ them except view threads at the moment. Medium is an adaptation of a theme we purchased a while ago. I am not 100% done w/ it, but I wanted to get it out in the wild so y'all could see it. Just remember, any weirdness in Medium is my fault and will be rectified. I will have most of these issues fixed in the next 48hrs, but did not want to keep y'all waiting any longer.

    Now we have 3 new themes. Sleeker and more modern looking than the old ones. We want you guys, the community, to pick which one will be our default theme. The face of 21CW going forward. So look at each theme, decide which YOU think is best, then come back to this thread and place your vote. The theme with the highest vote tally at the end of the week will be set as our new default theme.

    You can change the theme in the bottom corner of the forums, any page, even this thread!

    If you tool on over to any of the Beta themes, you will see a beta release of a new way we're looking at displaying the forums. Splitting them into columns instead of a whole long list. The end plan for this setup is to have certain forums displayed the old way, across the whole site, and others side by side. To provide a sleek, easy to navigate and read forum home page.

    So check it out! Keep in mind it's in Beta, so it will get much better as time goes on.

    Steam Connect is currently disabled, but should be back shortly. I am working on something very exciting with it and would like to debut them together. Look for them to return in the next week or two.

    Facebook syncing between our News forum & our Facebook group will be coming online this week. So if you have those two accounts linked, you should be able to post at either place and it will show up in both. This also means that whenever we have news to go out, you can get it as soon as it's released. Without even needing to visit the forums! Once we have that up and running, we will also be implementing the same functionality for twitter. If you haven't joined our FB group, or don't follow us on Twitter, the links are on the left on the main forum page.

    The new themes all provide a uniquely different experience for unregistered users. Go ahead and log out, see what I mean. Big, sexy, and in your face. Along with those new screens we are developing enlistment tutorial videos and trying to create a more streamlined army joining process. Or at least more dynamic and less text heavy.

    The Public Area has been changed around. It now contains only the stuff of utmost concern to the general public. News, Mess Hall, Reunion Area, etc. The extra forums that were in there have now been moved into a more restricted Community Area. This is area is for folks active in our community, currently enlisted soldiers. Or recently enlisted if we are between campaigns as we are now. If you are not an active member in the tournament aspect of 21CW, but are within our community, contact the admin staff about getting access to this area.

    One of the first things you will notice in this area is a section titled 'Project :Website Reports.' This is a new tool that will allow us to have a central location for all site related issues. Just click on it like you would a normal forum. To the upper left you will see a drop down menu "Post new issue," through this you can post bugs, feature requests or request an update on a task. Once one of the site admins confirms the issue, it will be added to the global list so folks don't double report it. Please be as SPECIFIC as possible when reporting bugs. More detail is beter.

    I also managed to clear out thousand of unused, old files from our FTP server. And have applied a fresh install of all our plugins, and only the ones we use all the time. This should hopefully lead to better performance throughout the site.

    Unfortunately through this process many of our awards were lost. I managed to save the 21CW tournament wide awards, and the top 2-3 highest awards from the armies. But there were over 300 other awards and I did not have the time or ability to back them up too. So they were lost in the change. I know it's disappointing, but think of it as a perfect chance to earn all new ones come BF4!

    Whew! That's it for my novel. I have a few new features cooking in the background, but they're not ready yet and I've given you enough to munch on for now. Enjoy the forums! Post up any glaring bugs! I know about the issues w/ the awards display in the medium style, that's first on my priority list tomorrow!

    Have a good evening!

    by Published on 09-20-2013 11:34 AM   
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    It is with great regret that I have to stand down from the position of IC.
    Due to real life opportunities opening up for me, I cannot devote the time and energy that the position of IC deserves and requires.
    I have volunteered to remain as a TA as long as I can be of use.
    Thank you all for your co-operation and commitment to the 21CW Community that made my experience as IC so interesting.
    Have fun and go safely.


    by Published on 08-21-2013 06:04 PM

    Ladies and Gentlesoldiers!!!!! 21CW is proudly presenting:

    Location: 21CW BattleServer

    Setup: regular battleday setup:

    Q1 Air Superiority
    Q2 Tank Superiority

    Depending on Activity:

    Q3 Air,- Tank Superiority / Gunmaster
    Q4 Closing Pub night

    It will be a 8v8 competition. Teams can be made prior to the event or randomly during the competition itself. Once a team has been established, the team remains untill the Quarter is over.

    Join Us

    For an evening of BF3 fun on our Battle Server.
    by Published on 07-19-2013 10:29 PM
    Article Preview

    Walking through the streets of Philadelphia last Sunday morning while the city began to wake and people made their way to church, it may have been easy to mistake it for any other Sunday morning. ...

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