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    by Published on 04-20-2014 06:49 PM

    The Russian Federation and it's Chinese Allies, in an effort to protect the interests of ethnic Russians in the Ukraine have walked away from the negotiating table. The cessation of negotiations has been accompanied by a massive build up of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) forces along the Russian Ukrainian border, especially in the Crimea region.

    Reports indicate the McBain has been named as the Commander in Chief of the SCO forces. Sources claim to have seen Generals [RUS]Airborne[/RUS] and [CH]Vtigo[/CH] respectively leading the Russian and Chinese contingents.

    In response to these recent actions, President Obama authorized the deployment of US forces to protect the interests of their NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies in the region. In his press conference President Obama named Kaiser Commander in Chief of a combined US Army/USMC force destined for the Baltic Region. These forces will be commanded by Generals [USARMY]Z00keeper [/USARMY]and [USMC]Superfly[/USMC].

    Neither side seems willing to return to the negotiating table. UN diplomats urge calm, but hold out little hope for a peaceful solution with both sides actively recruiting soldier to bolster their forces. Who can say how long until war breaks out in the region.
    by Published on 04-15-2014 06:47 PM

    Champions of 5v5 CTF


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    Third Place

    by Published on 03-31-2014 06:48 PM

    We have a lot of ground to cover in this thread, so excuse the fact it's a bit of a novel.

    First and foremost, congratulations to NATO for clinching the campaign victory on Saturday. It was a hard fought battle, one of the best this campaign.

    For those of you who have joined up on or after March 9th, if you used your free Pay to Pick it will be refunded to you. You will need to send a PM to one of the following (click based on your current affiliation.)

    22AD - Lethaliss

    USMC - 2000AD

    Just click on the link and it will automatically take you to the PM sending form.

    We have some Tournament Administrators who will be stepping down in the next week. That means there will be some slots open w/in the admin staff. 2ie and I will be gathering old and new applications and interviewing folks over the next week to 2 weeks. So if you are interested, please fill out the application in the sidebar at the left of the forums. Prior to applying please be aware that we have changed some stuff internally w/in the admin staff. Every admin, from myself to the newest, is required to attend 1 practice a week when they aren't on LOA. They are also required to be actively reading & participating in the forums of their assigned Division. So be aware of these commitments prior to applying.

    Rather than do a typical "General's Application" we are asking all those interested in any leadership position in C46 to please fill out the form we have placed in the Mess Hall.

    As of now, we are not planning on making many changes to the current system, so use that in your planning for Campaign 46. If there comes a point where it is decided to make drastic structural changes to the setup of 21CW, we will let you know ASAP.

    One major change we ARE making is the introduction of the Commander in Chief (CinC) position. The CinC will be in charge of making sure the Division under his/her care are training new SLs and Officers for the future. Mediating any issues or problems that arise between the 2 Divisons. Commanding and leading the Faction on Battleday. And assisting the Generals in any way they need help during Divisional battle weeks. The CinC will not be BFCOing in Divisional battles, not determining the names, structure, or setup of the Divisions. That power is firmly in the hands of the Generals. The CinC is there to help the General's of his/her faction keep moving in the same direction, and leading the Faction on Factional battle weeks.

    Now for the schedule for the upcoming 2 weeks:
    March 30th -> April 5th: Wrap up week. The Divisions will be doing their final wrap ups for the campaign. Applications for Leadership for next camp will be opened. New forums will be built.
    April 6th @ 1400 EDT: Campaign 45 closing ceremonies. This is an all hands meeting for the conclusion of Campaign 45.
    April 9th: By this date the new Generals and CinCs will be told their position and faction.
    April 9th -> April 13th: The announcement will be made publicly.
    April 12th & 13th: Campaign 45 End of Campaign tournaments. Details in the next section.
    April 16th: Registration will be opened by this date. Might be earlier, depends on how quickly the Divisions get their forums set up.
    April 19th: Initial Scrim 1
    April 26th: Initial Scrim 2
    May 3rd: Battle 1 of Campaign 46

    The C45 End of Campaign tournaments are a series of fun events that we are planning. They will be organized/led/proctored/overseen by the Administration and Ambassador staff. Right now there are 2 DEFINITELY scheduled, with a couple tentatively scheduled. The 2 definites are a 5v5 CTF tournament, and a 2v2 Air Superiority tournament.

    All registration and brackets and such will be handled w/in the forums. There will be a thread by Friday describing where to go and what to do to get your teams signed up. They will also describe the various rules and regulations for these tournament. When getting your teams together you can pull folks from anywhere within the active membership of 21cw. Each team can have up to 2 alternates. A person may not be member of more than 1 team/tournament.

    The first, second, and third place teams will be awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals respectively. This whole process is intended to be a fun event for the community completely different from our standard fare. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

    That should cover the majority of news and developments for the next 2 weeks.
    by Published on 02-27-2014 12:32 AM
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